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Gryphon StandArt Rack System

Place a component you know well on or in the StandArt, and it simply sounds more like itself. Of course, that might be good or bad, but it’s hard to ignore the simple truth that the Gryphon rack is letting you hear more of (or more about) the products it supports than it intrudes itself. Install your whole system, and the StandArt goes a long way towards reminding you just why you bought each of those components and the system as a whole. The sound comes up fresh and direct, expressive and communicative – just like somebody opened the musical taps. The combination of unforced clarity and musical organisation, rhythmic flexibility and dynamic shading combine to free the music from the system producing it. The stand also eliminates the thickened low-frequency fog belts or etched transparency, smeared harmonics and collapsed tonality that seems to afflict all but the best equipment supports. Instead, the Gryphon rack succeeds in eradicating its contribution, both on a macro and equipment interface. It’s effective at draining away energy generated within your components, and it achieves that without falling prey to an overall resonant signature of its own.

Practically speaking, at 498 × 448mm the StandArt’s shelves might be considered small, although they’re large enough for most purposes, even the deep chassis dimensions of CH Precision components. Overall I’d describe them as nicely judged, with a depth dimension that helps maintain an overall compact footprint. Gryphon offers a couple of larger shelves for bigger units to suit either their Antileon Evo or Mephisto amps, so one of those should suffice. Meanwhile, even a fully loaded four-shelf unit over a metre tall retains the outstanding, planted rigidity characterising the range.

For once, the simple solution is also the one that works. If the perfect rack is one that can be seen but not heard, then the Gryphon StandArt is getting pretty darned close to that ideal. Add to that it’s practicality, sound engineering, robust construction and resilient materials and you’ve got the promise of serious longevity, both in terms of its adaptability and its overall appearance. If you want a rack that’s truly fit and forget, then look no further. If you want a rack that’ll make the most of your system, then this is it. And if you want a rack that does all that and looks great doing it, the Gryphon StandArt does exactly what it says on the tin: It comes from Gryphon, it’s a stand, and it’s a work of art, functionally and musically!



  • Type: High-mass component stand
  • Shelf Construction: Kerrock/HDF constrained layer
  • Uprights: Double cell aluminium, sand filled
  • Shelf Dimensions (W×D): 498 x 448mm
  • Heights: 548mm, 800mm or 1124mm
  • Finish: Graphite/Black
  • Prices: Amp stand £3,350-£3,850
    StandArt Racks £5,900 (two shelf 548)-£18,750 (twin four shelf 1024)

Manufacturer: Gryphon Audio Designs


Tel: +45 8689 1200

Reproduced from Issue 193

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