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Solidsteel HF-4

Solidsteel HF-4

You would guess that an equipment rack from a company called ‘Solidsteel’ isn’t going to be the lightest of things, but this elegant four-tier – comprising (as the name suggests) solid stainless-steel hardware coupled with nicely made MDF shelves in a range of finishes – is an absolute unit. No weight is given by Solidsteel for the HF-4. but the word you’re looking for is ‘substantial’.

The spikes of doom!

HF-4 is part of the Italian furniture maker’s top ‘Hyperspike’ range, so called because the uprights for each platform end in a spike, which sits in a dimple in the upright of the platform below; at the bottom, there are four powerful-looking spikes that will either pierce deep into your floor or – more likely – rest on four provided metal cupped feet.

Part of the reason for the Solidsteel HF-4’s high mass has nothing to do with steel; it’s those MDF shelves and the fact they are 30mm thick. That not only puts the shelves into the ‘bloody heavy’ class but unless you have one of those half turntable/half cement mixer record players that costs the equivalent of the GDP of a small South American country, the HF-4 can take it.

Solidsteel claims the HF-4 can take up to 80kg per shelf, not only in that bottom shelf with its power-amp friendly 305mm height, but in the two 205mm high ones and the top shelf too. However, if you are deciding to max-out the weight of the HF-4, bear in mind that 320kg of electronics and a dozen or more kilos of stand sitting on four armour-piercing spikes is going to be ‘fun’ on some ancient rickety floorboards.

Confidence inspiring

What the HF-4 does however is ‘inspire confidence’. Set and levelled, this rack is going nowhere and your spiffy, cost-as-much-as-a-Merc turntable, streamer, pre or power amp is in exceptionally safe hands as a result. That holds as much sonically as it does physically because the platform makes products sound so well controlled. You don’t realise how much a stand influences the sound until you hear ones that don’t, and this one just lets your equipment sound as it was supposed to.

Yes, its high mass means deeper bass, but it also means no zings or stings as you move up the frequency range and as you turn the volume up or down. Nothing is indistinct or thrown into sharp focus and each aspect of a component’s performance was presented honestly and accurately. It was like you were listening to the device with fewer things in the way.

Finally, and this might seem an odd choice to end with, but it makes a perfect jumping off point for any accessory feet, cones or pods. The platforms are adding and subtracting so little to the sound that it gives any such feet the perfect neutral starting place. Of course, paradoxically, that neutral starting place likely means you won’t need such cones, spikes or pods anyway.

Solidsteel has long been the choice of audio manufacturers at shows and demonstrations worldwide to show off their products in as neutral a way as possible, for good reason. The secret’s out now, though. If you want your equipment to sound as unaffected by its support as possible, seek out the HF-4.

Price and contact details

  • Solidsteel HF-4 stand £3,125




UK distributor

MIAN Audio Distribution


+(0)1223 782474

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