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Coherence Systems ADD-Powr Sorcer X4

ADD-Powr Sorcer X4

Coherence Systems has released a highly interesting and innovative product in the Sorcer X4 in its ADD-Powr (short for Algorithm Digital Defined Power) range. Getting your mind around what the Sorcer X4 is and what it does might take a bit of thinking as the Sorcer X4 does not easily slide into one of the five or six basic gear categories at your dealer’s hi-fi shop. However, since you have already entered this imaginary audio salon, walk over to the shelf with all the power conditioners and there you will find the Sorcer x4, which is technically classified as an electronic harmonic resonator.

 I can imagine your faces and yes, you are coming to the correct conclusion that before picking up this magazine today you didn’t know you needed yet another new category of gear to enhance your electrical environment. Truthfully neither did I when I learned of the X4 review opportunity. I immediately called ADD-Powr principal and inventor Bill Stierhout to get briefed on what exactly was en route for my home review.

Innovative hands

One thing was immediately clear from my conversation with Bill is that he is sure he has an innovation on his hands here. Bill’s enthusiasm and excitement for the harmonic resonator idea were quite contagious and I was quickly holding on for dear life as he plunged me straight down the rabbit hole to examine the maths behind his idea. ADD-Powr equipment is indebted to French mathematician Joseph Fourier’s discoveries regarding square wave forms being expressed as a harmonic series and time phase relationships.

ADD-Powr Sorcer X4

The Sorcer X4 uses its completely parallel designed micro-controlled digital amplifier, four line transformers, with graphene treated wire connections to interface with your house’s secondary AC in order to propagate and introduce a low frequency wave disturbance of a specific oscillation pattern to your local electric grid that then will resonate with the audio signals in your hi-fi system. With the Sorcer X4 what used to be direct current is now a DC voltage reference with harmonic sine waves.

Your system will now enjoy an increase in energy as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc harmonics will be scaled upwards and will literally resonate (imagine a tuning fork) with the music signal that passes to your amp. As esoteric as this sounds, in layman’s terms this is largely “outside the box” thinking and ADD-Powr is pitching that they can improve you signal chain in a way that no other company can.

Tetris-free zone

In the practical domain mercifully adding the Sorcer x4 will not require playing component Tetris with a crowded equipment rack. Bill assured me that the X4 would be 100% effective at any outlet in my house. It could in fact be placed in the garage by my electrical panel, or in another room altogether. This is a relief because the X4 is not small beer at 16.4kg and a stout 43×130.1×11.4cm frame which would be fair to describe as bulky. The X4 is built around an aluminium chassis with black anodised aluminium panels and the desired look seems be intentionally understated avoiding unnecessary attention. There are quite literally no controls, no dials, no displays, and no toggles. This piece was made to plug ‘n’ disappear.

At $3,999 the Sorcer X4 will not be for everyone’s budget and will likely be competing against any number of other serious component upgrade for many in our community. Bill suggests that the Sorcer X4 will likely find its niche with those who have already spent a great deal of time carefully assembling their stereo components, are already quite happy with their system’s sound, and are now looking for that last little bit of magic to push their meticulous efforts over the top. In my experience the X4 was more of a subtle but still deeply impactful actor in my system. For a musical reference I will speak to my latest favourite Tone Poet du jour Wayne Shorter’s All Seeing Eye [Blue Note]. This musically challenging jazz LP had been getting steady rotation before the X4 arrived so it became my natural review foil to illustrate the X4’s effects in A/B comparisons as the cosmic screeching had been seared into my mind like a hot cattle prod.

Plugging in the X4 and giving it about 60 minutes to interact with my electrics, I did not have to squint or scratch my head to determine the effects. It was obviously clear from the start the X4 allowed for more pleasing quality and tone. The session’s horns just didn’t seem to grate at my eardrums in the same way, they were all more polished, rounded, and the sound was less harsh. I already use valves in my Luxman LX-380 integrated, but the effect of adding the X4 was comparable from going solid state to tubes.

Microphones… reposition!

Sorcer X4’s sound was demonstrably more cohesive and relaxing and seemed to have a strength in rearranging the depth of the soundstage as if it was able to reposition microphones during the recording of the session. When the X4 was removed it was sadly apparent that the butter soft edges were also gone with the wind. The artist’s interplay now felt blocky, square, and instantly too rigid. Herbie Hancock’s delicate accents were still there, but they were now veiled by shadow again and felt too far away to be accessible.

ADD-Powr Sorcer X4

The X4 made my stereo sound the way I wanted my stereo to sound: smooth, inviting, detailed, carefully organised and I’ll say it again, cohesive. The Sorcer X4 is not cheap, to bring it aboard you might have to make the un-sexy choice of sticking with your current equipment instead of a long anticipated upgrade. I’ll tell you the X4 gave me a fresh love for my current gear and made me feel grateful for what I have assembled in my reference system. My sound with the Sorcer X4 is just superb, I can’t imagine giving it back. I would rather wait on those new speakers or that new pre amp and keep enjoying what the X4 has done for my listening.

Price and contact details

  • Price: $4,399.95



URL: www.add-powr.com

Tel: +1 310-954-4837

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