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Wilson Audio Alexx V

Wilson Audio Alexx V

Standing 161cm tall, the new Alexx V sits just below the flagship Chronosonic models in Wilson Audio’s range. Alexx V features the ‘open gantry’ design devised for the Chronosonic project, increasing structural rigidity and set-up flexibility. It incorporates Wilson Audio’s proprietary, resonance-eradicating ‘X-Material’, ‘S-Material’ and newly devised ‘V-Material’, combined with carbon fibre, austenitic stainless steel and aerospace-grade aluminium to deliver cutting-edge audio and industrial art.

Alexx V features Wilson’s new ‘Convergent Synergy Carbon’ high-frequency driver sited between 5.75-inch and 7-inch midrange drivers, all individually housed. The 7-inch unit is the same QuadraMag driver featured in the Chronosonic XVX. Bass frequencies are delivered by 10.5-inch and 12.5-inch drivers originally developed for the Chronsosonic project, benefitting from a 16 per cent increase in internal volume compared to the original Alexx.

The Alexx V is fully adaptable to the listening space owing to XLF reversible bass port and individually adjustable high- and mid-frequency modules, delivering exceptional time alignment – a key Wilson Audio speciality.

Wilson Audio’s obsessive attention to detail in the pursuit of perfection is a clear part of the Alexx V project – for example, new Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode spike system incorporating ‘V-Material’, and AudioCapX capacitors in the crossover made entirely in-house.

The net result is claimed to be an astonishingly crisp, clear and dynamic sounding loudspeaker, and said to be capable of immense sonic scale. They are also suggested to deliver a sound so thrillingly realistic, you’ll swear your favourite musicians have dropped by for a private performance.

, Wilson Audio Alexx V

Price and availability

§  Hand-built in Provo, Utah and finished in Wilson Audio’s automotive-class paint facility, the Alexx V is now available to order.

§  21 ‘standard’, ‘upgrade’ and ‘pearl’ colour options are available, alongside a choice of grille colours. Wilson Audio can also custom-match colours upon request.

§  UK RRP in standard colour options is £139,000 per pair, including VAT and full installation.


Wilson Audio has created a series of videos about key elements of the Alexx V’s design. Click the links below to view.

§  Alexx V – convergence of nature, science and art

§  Alexx V elements – differences between Alexx and Alexx V

§  Process of handcrafting Alexx V gantry

§  Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode spike system

UK contact for consumers

Absolute Sounds – sole UK distributor of Wilson Audio loudspeakers

W: absolutesounds.com T: 020 8971 3909


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