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Platinum Series In-Wall 3G: Monitor Audio announces in-wall loudspeaker

Platinum Series In-Wall 3G

Platinum Series In-Wall 3G is a versatile high-fidelity In-Wall loudspeaker that features the latest Platinum Series 3G acoustic innovations, including the MPD III High-Frequency Transducer. It delivers extraordinary performance levels to match the exceptional build and highly desirable design of the range’s freestanding models.

*From the Monitor Audio news release

Essex, UK – 29th November 2022:, Monitor Audio is proud to announce the release of PL-IW 3G, a Platinum Series 3G In-Wall loudspeaker. A high-performance flagship model, it is designed for high-end two-channel stereo and theatre systems where accurate, clear and lifelike sound is required. It delivers maximum scale and sonic impact, but with minimum room intrusion. Plus, its versatile design means it can be used anywhere in a system, either as an LCR model at the front or as a highly effective surround or rear speaker.

This architectural extension to the Platinum Series 3G launches within Monitor Audio’s 50th Anniversary year, and we have channelled those decades of expertise into its development. The series builds on our stated vision of bringing the listener closer to sonic and visual perfection, cementing Platinum Series 3G models as true objects of desire, that deepen the connection between listening and making audio human.

Acoustic Innovation

Re-defining what is achievable for high-end home audio, the three-way PL-IW 3G features the new 3rd generation Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD III) high-frequency transducer. Developed by Monitor Audio’s acoustic engineers when creating the company’s ground-breaking ‘Concept 50’ prototype, this breathtakingly accurate tweeter was unveiled earlier this year as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations.

MPD III introduces innovative technology that reduces distortion and flattens the frequency response, while the optimised waveguide provides highly controlled directivity, improving both soundstage and sensitivity. This all leads to a larger, clearer, and more consistent sound, allowing PL-IW 3G to create the ultimate immersive experience: music and film are delivered with incredible precision and clarity, introducing the listener to levels of accuracy and detail that they won’t have noticed before.

PL-IW 3G is housed within a reinforced and internally braced 25mm MDF and steel box construction and is equipped with an adjustable mid/high-frequency driver array, similar to that deployed in the THX Ultra certified Cinergy Theatre series. This approach allows PL-IW 3G to be positioned either vertically or horizontally, ideal for LCR applications and for seamless tonal accuracy within a theatre system.

In addition to the MPD III high frequency transducer, other new acoustic features include:

  • The RDT III cone is employed on all Platinum Series 3G midrange and bass drivers. An extremely strong cone, it is constructed from three distinct layers.  A Nomex honeycombed core is sandwiched between an ultra-thin and ultra-rigid C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium) layer and a twin-layer of uni-directional Carbon Fibre, which are layered and bonded at 90 degrees to each other for even greater strength. Super light, yet super strong, the RDT III cone works like a perfect piston, and when coupled to the latest optimised and contoured cone surround and black spider it allows the PL-IW 3G mid and bass drivers to boast the lowest distortion of any speaker in Monitor Audio’s history.
  • The bass drivers feature large-diameter edge-wound underhung voice-coils, creating exceptional power-handling. These new voice-coils allow higher and more linear excursion of the driver, resulting in wider dynamic range with greater control, resulting in impressive levels of tight, deep, impactful bass.
  • A patented ‘DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter) helps to dampen surplus high-frequency energy produced by the driver. It is also perforated to encourage voice coil cooling and release air pressure from behind the cone for maximum driver efficiency – this means the drivers create a more natural and lifelike sound.

 Summary of key features:

  • Driver configuration: Dual 6.5” bass drivers, single 4” mid-driver and MPD III Transducer housed within a rotation enclosure for LCR versatility
  • 3RD generation MPD III high-frequency transducers reduce distortion, flatten frequency response and lead to wider, cleaner more consistent and lifelike sound
  • RDT III cone produces piston-like control even with the most extreme performances, providing a more precise, lifelike tonal balance and lower distortion
  • Underhung, edge-wound voice coils for greater driver efficiency, lifelike dynamics and less distortion
  • Patented ‘DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter) mechanism for more natural sound

 Pricing – Platinum Series In-Wall 3G (PL-IW 3G) 

PL-IW 3G MSRP: £4,500.00


The Platinum Series In-Wall 3G will be available in January 2023.



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