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CH Precision acquires high-value electronics brand Wattson Audio

ch and wattson logos

April 2024 – Swiss high-end audio manufacturer CH Precision has acquired the Wattson Audio brand, its line of high-performance, high-value streaming solutions and the team of designers and engineers behind it.

  • Wattson Audio product line to be maintained and expanded.
  • Wattson Audio electrical, design and software engineers to join the CH team.
  • Merging of engineering teams follows long-established collaboration between CH Precision and the Wattson design team.
  • Wattson Audio to re-brand and introduce new product at Munich High End Show
    May 9th-12th
  • The Wattson Audio team will be on hand and their products can be seen and heard in room Atrium 4.2, F204.

Florian Cossy of CH Precision and Alexandre Lavanchy of Wattson Audio first worked together in 2004, when Alex joined high-end audio design consultancy ABC PCB, founded the previous year by Florian. When Florian left to start CH Precision in 2009, Alex took over the consultancy role, changing the name to Engineered SA in 2015. Over the years, ABC PCB and Engineered SA have provided design consultancy and input to both major global players and high-profile, high-end specialist brands in the audio market.

In 2019, the team at Engineered SA started the Wattson Audio brand to leverage their accumulated expertise and experience in producing forward looking, high-performance yet affordable streaming solutions. The minimalist Emerson line quickly established an enviable reputation and loyal following. It was soon joined by the more versatile, more ambitious but still affordable Madison line.

Commenting on the acquisition, Florian Cossy said, “By incorporating Wattson Audio’s engineering team and products under the CH umbrella, we create an even greater concentration of audio design and engineering talent. It also opens a tremendous range of new market opportunities in which to apply our combined experience and technologies.”

Alex Lavanchy commented that, “It’s great to be working even more closely with Florian and his team once again. Modern products are incredibly hardware and software intensive: combining the resources of CH Precision and Wattson Audio gives both companies unparalleled access to design bandwidth and capability.”

Munich High End will mark the start of a new chapter for Wattson Audio. Meet the company, the products (and a few surprises) at the MOC in Atrium 4.2, Room F204.


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