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Tidal Connect


MOON is pleased to announce that its streaming products* now feature Tidal Connect. The addition of Tidal Connect, together with the recent introductions of Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2, ensures MOON’s streaming products are at the forefront of audio connectivity.

Tidal Connect is quick and simple to use – select the Tidal app, choose a track to play and then click ‘available devices’ to select a MOON system. The music will then stream straight from the cloud – in lossless high-fidelity audio quality.

All new MOON streaming products will feature Tidal Connect in their proprietary MiND2 module (MOON Intelligent Network Device). Existing MOON owners can install it through a simple firmware update. It is part of the MOON philosophy to ensure continuous evolution and upgrades of its existing units. This is highlighted by MOON’s maxim: Defy Obsolescence.

Etienne Gautier, MOON’s export sales manager, said: ‘Tidal Connect is what our customers have been asking us for. I am sure they will be pleased to now be able to instantly connect to the extensive Tidal music library and play their selected music in a high-quality format.’

*MOON products featuring Tidal Connect:

  • ACE – all-in-one music system
  • MiND 2 network player
  • 280D – streaming DAC
  • 390 – network player/preamplifier
  • 680D – streaming DAC
  • 780D v2 – streaming DAC



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