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Monitor Audio Launches New Monitor Series of Loudspeakers

Monitor Audio Launches New Monitor Series of Loudspeakers

The new Monitor Series is a beautifully designed family of speakers that deliver Monitor Audio’srenowned sound quality. Their orange driver cones offer a contemporary focus to the sleek proportions and bring fun and functionality across the range.

Utilising a Black C-CAM dome tweeter derived from Monitor Audio’s Bronze series with a creative use of the drivers’ configuration, the speakers are tuned to deliver a performance that is not usually expected at this price.

With a choice of bookshelf or floorstanding speakers, and a powerful centre and subwoofer, the Monitor Series delivers detailed audio resolution in both two-channel and multi-channel configurations.

The speakers feature all the class and style expected from Monitor Audio and are finished in a choice of black, white or walnut. The detailed design and construction has produced a range of speakers that will look good wherever they are placed.

Monitor Audio has always taken great pride in creating speakers that elevate the value/performance proposition, and this is clearly delivered by the new Monitor Series.


Key Features

• Classic Monitor Audio speaker design with a playful twist

• Orange translucent MMP II driver cones – adds a stylish touch

• High overall impedance (8 ohms) – easy to drive with lower power amplifiers

• Black C-CAM dome tweeter – derived from Monitor Audio’s award-winning Bronze series

• Black, white or a walnut wood finish, with contrasting grey baffle

• Speaker model and number embossed to the cabinet to provide a retro feel

• Outrigger feet on floorstanding models deliver a sleeker appearance, takes up less floor space and improves stability

• HiVe II port technology – for an improved transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother airflow


Monitor Series Speakers



The Monitor 50 is a compact speaker designed to look stunning in a bookshelf type environment. The usual rectangular cabinet profile has been replaced with a striking square cabinet which houses the single 51/2” MMP II driver and a 25 mm black C-CAM tweeter. Whilst the cabinet is rear ported, the output is well-damped and is suitable for positioning close to a wall. A single set of high-quality gold-plated binding posts provide the connections for an amplifier.


The larger Monitor 100 is a beautifully proportioned bookshelf/standmount speaker. To maintain the compact proportions, the cabinet is again rear ported. The driver size steps up to a 61/2” MMP II bass driver and is complemented by a 25 mm Black C-CAM tweeter. The Monitor 100 has two sets of binding post terminals, to facilitate bi-wiring or even a bi-amp set up.



The slender Monitor 200 is the smallest floor-stander in the range and is designed to deliver a stunning sound in small to medium sized rooms. Two 51/2” MMP II drivers are housed in separate cavities and each driver has different tuning to optimise the small cabinet air load for a premium performance. The twin drivers operate together at bass frequencies to provide powerful, punchy bass lines, whilst only the top driver is crossed over to the black C-CAM tweeter higher up in frequency resulting in perfect phase. The Monitor 200 has all the precision of a two-way speaker, with the addition of an extra bass driver for scale and power.


The Monitor 300 houses three 61/2” MMP II bass drivers: two dedicated to bass and one to mid-range frequencies. The increased driver and cabinet size deliver the scale and punch that is recommended for optimum performance in medium to large rooms. The dedicated mid-range driver delivers the clarity and precision expected from a serious hi-fi speaker, but adds in the necessary fun factor when called upon to create an immersive cinema experience. The Monitor 300 is a true all-rounder.

Centre Channel and Subwoofer


The compact Monitor C150 centre is ideal for cabinets and shelves. The sealed enclosure ensures it can be positioned right up to a wall without any detrimental effects. Twin 51/2” MMP II drivers work perfectly in tandem to give precise clarity to movie dialogue presentation.


The powerful Monitor MRW-10 subwoofer houses a 10” long throw MMPII bass driver, capable of delivering thunderous bass down to below 30Hz. The rear ported enclosure provides optimal output from the powerful 100 W class D power amplifier. The amplifier boasts many features dedicated to optimising a home theatre system. EQ settings provides a level of adjustment for room and tastes. All filters and features are controlled in the digital domain using an advanced DSP based architecture to provide the ultimate in flexibility and control.


The Monitor Series is available in a choice of three finishes: black, walnut or white.

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