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Milan Karan – 1965-2024

Milan Karan
Milan Karan

Shortly after hearing the sad news of the death of Milan Karan, we asked Branko Bozic of Audiofreaks, the UK Karan distributor, to provide us with some words about Milan. 

On the 10th of April the high-end audio world has lost a precious and gifted designer and artisan when Milan Karan left us at an early age of 58 in his native Novi Sad (Serbia) after a relatively short and ruthless illness. And, much more than that, the world in general and I personally have prematurely lost a good fellow human being, long-standing and close Friend and brother in arms. Instead of Living (Only) Twice, we just live only once…or less.

I have known Milan Karan since just before the turn of the last century and the current millennium. His very first ‘proper’ creation – the KA I 180 integrated amplifier arrived into my life and music room. It did not take long to sense and absorb the enormous sonic potential and already highly musical sound. The rest, as they say, was and will remain history. As we grew to know each other better, less and less needed to be said about how the next, improved, iteration of an existing design or a completely new one, should look, be made or sound. And get even closer to the ever-escaping ultimate musical truth of a live performance. And so it was, from the KA I 180 to the apotheosis of Milan’s creative life – the Master Collection of preamplifiers and power amplifiers. Unique just as the person who brought them into life. Life which he could not extend anywhere as much as anyone deserves or should be able to.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with the Karan family and friends. The knowledge Karan Acoustics will firmly live on in capable hands of Milan’s son Emil, give an invaluable hope that the unique opus of Milan Karan will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come. RIP.

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By Pete Collingwood-Trewin

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