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Innuos Returns To Ascot For The UK Hi-Fi Show Live


Faro, Portugal, 27 September, 2023 – The UK Hi-Fi Show Live is the UK’s longest-running premier high-end audio show; both the show and Innuos return next week after a pause last year. Taking place from 29 September – 1 October, Innuos will showcase the PULSAR network music player and STATEMENT with Next-Gen PSU alongside the PhoenixNET audiophile network switch.

This will be the first time these products can be heard together at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live. Innuos can be found in Suite 617-618 and in the Panoramic Headphone Zone.

A/B Demonstrations will be available with and without PhoenixNET, providing a great opportunity to hear the difference PhoenixNET can make when streaming HiFi music.

The demonstration system in Suite 617-618 will have the Innuos PhoenixNET passing music streaming from Qobuz or TIDAL to the Innuos STATEMENT with Next-Gen PSU and PULSAR players. A Chord Electronics DAVE DAC will pass the converted signal to a Dan D’Agostino Progression integrated amplifier driving a pair of Wilson Audio Sabrina X speakers. Power conditioning is provided by Isotek’s V5 Sigma and V5 Titan. Cables will be from Transparent Audio and an Artesania Audio Exoteryc rack will house the components.

Visitors to the Innuos demo room will be treated to a rare, exclusive preview of the forthcoming innuOS Operating System 2.5 and Sense app, with a host of new features.

In the Panoramic Headphone Zone, Innuos will be highlighting their Sense app for managing, organizing and streaming music. Visitors can listen to a ZENmini and PULSEmini, each will be going into its own Earmen Audio ST amp and pair of Meze Audio 109 headphones.

Partner rooms around the show will also feature Innuos products and can be found at Stratton Acoustics (Suite 353-354), Absolute Sounds (On 5), SCV Distribution (Suite 649 and 642), KEF (Suite 306), Bowers & Wilkins (628- 630), Renaissance (Suite 501-506), and The Chord Company (Suite 613-614).

Nuno Vitorino, Innuos R&D Director, Stephen Healy, UK Sales Manager and Steven Gomes, Head of Sales, will be on hand to demonstrate and answer your questions.

More details about the Innuos products at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live are available on the Innuos website:

STATEMENT – https://innuos.com/statement/

PULSE Series – https://innuos.com/pulse-series/

PhoenixNET Audiophile-grade Network Switch – https://innuos.com/phoenixnet/

Show information and details can be found at https://audioshow.co.uk


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