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Goldmund Introduces the Melos Passive: A Synthesis of Sound, Design, and Engineering Excellence

Goldmund Melos Passive

September 2023 – Goldmund, the Swiss purveyor of cutting-edge audio innovation, proudly unveils its latest masterpiece, the Melos Passive Loudspeaker. Synonymous with precision, opulence, and a harmonious soundscape, the Melos Passive is a testament to Goldmund’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of acoustic engineering. Crafted to redefine the auditory experience within the confines of your home, the Melos Passive Loudspeaker transcends the ordinary. This refined sonic masterpiece merges the best of Goldmund’s avant-garde technology and meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in an audio gem that is as striking in its performance as it is in its aesthetics.

Embracing the legacy of its larger sibling, the revered Tethys, the Melos Passive draws inspiration from both the Tethys and the Gaïa speaker, seamlessly fusing advanced technology with timeless aesthetics. Its name, ‘Melos,’ an homage to the melodies of ancient Greece, captures the essence of this speaker’s capability – to deliver musical harmony and tune with unparalleled precision.

Designed as an embodiment of auditory purity, the Melos Passive Loudspeaker is housed within a sleek, monolithic cube. Engineered with utmost precision, this exquisite speaker faithfully reproduces sound in its truest form. The delicate balance between technology and aesthetics finds expression in the distinctive lines, evoking the raw beauty of rock formations – a nod to nature’s influence and Goldmund’s commitment to authenticity. Despite its compact size, the Melos Passive is anything but diminutive in its sonic impact. Draped in Goldmund’s iconic grey with black grills, it boasts high-end drivers that meticulously render every nuance and emotion within the music. With an extended frequency response and exceptional dynamic range, the Melos Passive ensures that the listener is captivated by a rich tapestry of sound.

True to Goldmund’s legacy of acoustic excellence, the Melos Passive Loudspeaker delivers exceptional bass extension and a remarkable listening experience. Harnessing advanced crossover technology, the speaker achieves seamless frequency integration and optimal dispersion. This results in a captivatingly lifelike soundstage that envelops the listener in a symphony of unparalleled realism. Melos Passive is more than a speaker; it’s a statement of luxury and devotion to sonic perfection. A bespoke stand (available soon), designed to seamlessly blend with the speaker’s aesthetic, further enhances its integration within any environment. This dedication to cohesiveness extends beyond mere audio equipment – it’s a work of art in its entirety.

Goldmund’s tradition of uncompromising excellence shines through in every facet of the Melos Passive. Crafted by meticulous artisans within the hallowed halls of Geneva, this passive loudspeaker is the culmination of precision and passion. The Melos Passive marks a milestone for those seeking to tailor their auditory universe, and Goldmund remains committed to expanding the horizons of audio innovation, catering to diverse preferences.

Introducing the Goldmund Melos Passive Loudspeaker – an opulent, harmonious masterpiece that promises to elevate your sonic journey to new dimensions. Stay tuned for the imminent revelation of the much-anticipated active version, as Goldmund continues its quest to redefine the boundaries of auditory brilliance.



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