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Hi-Fi+ Announces Major Staff Reorganisation

Hi-Fi+ Announces Major Staff Reorganisation

15 February 2018 (Sandleheath, Hampshire, UK) – Hi-Fi+ magazine, a leading international high-end audio publication, today announced a major reorganisation of its senior staff.


Effective immediately, Pete Collingwood-Trewin, formerly Associate Publisher of Hi-Fi+, has been promoted to the role of Publisher of the magazine. Collingwood-Trewin is an industry veteran with 10 years of experience with Hi-Fi+ and has full familiarity with all operational aspects of the magazine. Of his new position Collingwood-Trewin has this to say, “I am thrilled and excited to accept the role as Publisher of Hi-Fi+.  I thank Chris Martens for his hard work and look forward to continue to work with him in the future.  Hi-Fi+ has an excellent core team, and I know that we will continue to grow and to continue to secure our place as one of the most respected international Hi-Fi magazines.  In addition I am delighted to take on the role of UK & European Publisher of Ultimate Headphone Guide.


Chris Martens, former Publisher of Hi-Fi+, is taking on two new roles, first as Editorial Director of Hi-Fi+ and second as Editor-in-Chief of a new bi-annual publication called Ultimate Headphone Guide, which is a joint venture between Hi-Fi+ and its sister publication The Absolute Sound magazine. Looking back, Martens says, “I am proud of the advancements Hi-Fi+ has seen over the past several years, including its shift to become a monthly publication, the launch of its popular website, www.hifiplus.com, and the development of both product-themed issues and digital buyers guides. These are changes I have worked on in concert with Pete Collingwood-Trewin and it is time now to hand the reins over to him.”


Looking ahead, Martens adds, “I am thrilled that Pete Collingwood-Trewin is taking over as Publisher of Hi-Fi+; I think he is ideally qualified for the job and I look forward to seeing the steps forward he will take with the magazine. At the same time, I am delighted that my new role in Hi-Fi+ will enable me to continue my close collaboration with Hi-Fi+ Editor Alan Sircom in setting the editorial direction for the magazine. I am also keen to take up my new role as Editor-in-Chief of Ultimate Headphone Guide, which allows me to leverage both my experience with and sincere passion for all things relating to high-performance personal audio.”


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