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English Electric’s EE1 banishes network noise

English Electric EE1

24 October 2023, Wiltshire, England: English Electric (a Chord Company brand) has launched the EE1, a self-powered, high-performance network noise isolator designed to reduce noise.

The EE1 sits discreetly between components in streaming systems and improves both sound and image quality by dramatically reducing unwanted noise.

Engineered to improve a huge variety of audio and video systems, the EE1’s passive design converts unwanted noise into heat, allowing digital signals to pass unhindered.

Although digital signals are generally robust, they are often accompanied by a degree of noise, which is often generated by common household devices on home networks.

The EE1 employs both galvanic and common mode noise reduction technologies that allow the transmission of the signals, whilst greatly reducing other unwanted network noise.

Noise reduction can be achieved by using the EE1 in a number of ways: between a data switch and a streamer/server; between a server and a streamer, or between a router and a data switch. Further noise reduction can also be achieved by using additional devices, for example, between a router and a data switch, and between the switch and a streamer.

The noise-reducing EE1 builds on the success of English Electric’s two noise-suppressing data switches, the 8Switch, the British company’s debut product launched in May 2020, and the larger two-zone, dual power supply, 16-port Gigabit Ethernet 16Switch.

Price and availability

The English Electric EE1 is available now priced at £250. For a limited time, a 0.75m C-Stream streaming cable (worth £61.88) will be included for free.


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