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Coherence Systems releases Sorcer X4 Plus

sorcer x4 plus

Coherence Systems is pleased to introduce theSorcerX4Plus and the the latest addition to the ADD-Powr™ brand of high end audio signal conditioning (AC power, signal path) products.

The Apprentice is an AC / EMF power conditioner that employs principles of harmonic resonance to affect systems’ component power supplies, whereby signal-to-noise ratios of processed audio is increased.The technology is based upon princples of the Fourier harmonic series and resonance.

The energy boost to the audio signal level may be as great as 10 – 15%. Acoustic energy increase ranges from 25 – 1.00 dB. Electronics are comprised of (4) AC line transformers, proprietary harmonic pulse technology, and class A amplifier interface.

Features gold plated (Furutech style) IEC AC inlet and two duplex receptacles. Greater audio harmonic energy means greater listening pleasure and satisfaction.

MSRP: $4,399.95.Coherence Systems manufactures in the USA and distributes ADD-Powr™ products.

For more information please visit: www.add-powr.com

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