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Chord Electronics Improves Price of Five Key Products

Chord Electronics improves the price of five key products

1 September 2023, Kent, England: Chord Electronics has reduced the price of five of its most popular digital products, thanks to the decreasing cost of critical components post-pandemic.

The global pandemic has had an adverse effect on electronic component pricing, coupled with a scarcity of digital components. With the situation now easing, Chord Electronics has been able to improve the pricing on some of its best-loved devices by as much as 20 per cent.

The following products now benefit from lower prices (effective 1 Sep):

Mojo 2 (was £495, now £395*)
Poly (was £495, now £395*)
Qutest (was £1,395, now £1,195)
Hugo TT 2 (was £4,995, now £3,995)
Hugo M Scaler (was £4,195, now £3,495)

Chord Electronics’ British-made DACs uniquely deploy powerful FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Aray) chipsets as a foundation for the company’s advanced proprietary digital-to-analogue code, and in 2021-22, these became four times more expensive.

As a responsible business, the Kent-based founder-owned company, which not only designs and engineers but hand-builds all of its products in the UK, has directly passed the savings onto its customers.

Not all digital component prices have come down, however, meaning some product prices, such as the Hugo 2 and the DAVE, remain unchanged. Build costs for the DAVE have, in fact, gone up in recent times, however, Chord Electronics has absorbed the price rises.

The improved pricing is effective immediately, globally.

*The Mojo 2 and Poly have recently benefited from a summer promotion price of £395 (from £495), and the lower price of £395 has become permanent.


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