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Black Rhodium Launches SUPERCHARGED ‘S’

Black Rhodium Launches  SUPERCHARGED ‘S’

Black Rhodium has SUPERCHARGED ‘S‘ its range of audio cables utilising the very latest technical advances developed during the design of Charleston loudspeaker cable.

All cables in the Black Rhodium products range have been divided into Collections that contain cables of similar performance so that for best value a system can include a full range of cables from the same collection.

The Collections are:

Opus Collection

Perfect for upgrading cables supplied ‘in the box’ with purchased components.

Minuet Collection

Entry level for a system composed of high quality seperate Hi-Fi components.

   Calypso Collection

A cost effective upgrade for mid range components.

Operetta Collection

Hi-End performance at mid range prices. 

Revelation Collection

Superlative cables using our finest materials and design techniques to extract the very best sound from high end audio components.

Hear the performance your components are really capable of!




Foxtrot S Loudspeaker Cable 

Minuet XLR Stereo Interconnect 

Explore Minuet Collection


Quickstep S Loudspeaker Cable

Calypso XLR Stereo Interconnect 

Calypso Power Cable

Allegro S Digital Interconnect 

Explore Calypso Collection


Waltz S Loudspeaker Cable

Operetta XLR Stereo Interconnect

Stream S Power Cable

Operetta Digital Interconnect 

Stylus R Tonearm Interconnect 

Explore Operetta Collection


Polka S Loudspeaker Cable

Bolero S Loudspeaker Cable

Overture S RCA Stereo Interconnect 

Oratorio S RCA Stereo Interconnect

Overture S XLR Stereo Interconnect

Oratorio S XLR Stereo Interconnect

Polka Power Cable

Bolero Power Cable

Toccata Digital Interconnect 

Silver Groove R Tonearm Interconnect 

Explore Revelation Collection

Black Rhodium is a British cable manufacturer that champions the use of British manufactured cables in (almost all) its audio products.
Black Rhodium cables use the very highest quality materials including precious metals in its range of cables.
Black Rhodium exports British made cables to 25 different overseas countries


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