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Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

Fife, Scotland (Fine Sounds UK): Bassocontinuo, the Italian specialist equipment support manufacturer, has launched Ultra Feet, the world’s first fully lab-tested isolation feet, offering measurement-backed vibration protection for audio replay devices. Ultra Feet are available for the first time in the UK via Bassocontinuo’s UK distributor Fine Sounds UK.

Ultra Feet have been designed to reduce the damaging effects of vibration in audio equipment. Placed beneath devices (available in sets of three or four), they use advanced energy-absorbing materials which disperse vibration as heat. The reduction in vibration, proven by measured data, brings notable benefits in soundstaging, detail and dynamics.

Engineered to protect and enhance almost any piece of audio equipment, Ultra Feet are available in four different ‘levels’ or load-rated options (Levels 2-5). Each UItra Foot is also height-adjustable and cleverly decoupled on bothsides: where it interfaces with the supporting surface and where it meets the equipment, effectively acting as a fully-fledged independent system avoiding any kind of mechanical coupling.

Ultra Feet’s upper-level models use Technogel®, a unique ‘soft-solid’ polyurethane material which combines the 3D deformation properties of a fluid and the memory-shape properties of a solid body, offering consistent performance over its lifespan.

Bassocontinuo has once again partnered with Vicoter, the Italian vibration-control consultant, in collaboration with the prestigious University Politecnico in Milan, to conduct accelerometer-based laboratory testing, the results of which can be seen on the company’s website: bassocontinuo.biz/ultra-feet/

Ultra Feet’s levels explained

Four ‘levels’ (load-rated options) are available: level 2 0.1-10 kg; level 3 10.1-20 kg; level 4 20.1-40 kg and level 5 40.1-80 kg. The options enable everything from lightweight turntables to heavy power amplifiers to benefit from Bassocontinuo’s vibration-reduction technology.

If used with Bassocontinuo’s equipment supports (racks), the load ratings align with the ranges in the portfolio: Level 2 is designed to complement the company’s Classic Line, Level 3 the Reference Line, Level 4 the Revolution Line and Level 5, the Ultimate Line. 

Bassocontinuo’s Ultra Feet are available now in sets of three or four priced from just £127 (set of three) and £159 (set of four), for a level 2 load-rating.   

Bassocontinuo is distributed in the UK by Fine Sounds UK

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