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Audiovector QR7 floorstanding loudspeaker

Audiovector QR7 floorstanding loudspeaker

From the Audiovector/Renaissance Audio press release:


Audiovector unveiled its new QR 7 loudspeaker at the High End Show in Munich. The QR 7 is the flagship of the QR series and is designed to put the fun back into playing music. Its big and vibrant sound will transport you to the concert hall or night club of your dreams! Pick the right track and you’ll want to get up and dance!


Whilst the QR 7 has a huge, room-filling sound, it is also an extremely refined loudspeaker that has been developed, engineered and handmade in Denmark. It has a dynamic musical ability and features the latest in speaker technologies to deliver that powerful performance.


The QR 7’s imposing cabinet houses two massive, air-shifting 8-inch drivers and a newly developed crossover that combine to create a hyper-dynamic, yet neutral-sounding speaker with a big, open soundstage. It is a full 3-way system and has double Pure Piston bass units with sandwich membranes, a 6-inch midrange and the Audiovector fast and agile Air Motion Transformer tweeter. Due to its easy impedance load and high efficiency of 90.5dB, it is easily driven – a perfect match for both solid state and tube amplifiers. This is a speaker designed for inspiring and invigorating listening sessions.

One of Audiovector’s distinguishing features is that instead of selecting ‘off the shelf’ drive units, it engineers its own drivers in-house and then asks the best suppliers to build them. This way it ensures that it co-engineers its drive units in combination with its crossovers. The combination of low-hysteresis voice coil technology, large powerful magnets, rigid turbulence-suppressing baskets and sandwich membranes made from two layers of aluminium, allows Audiovector to create a richer, clearer and more vibrant sound.

The QR 7’s enclosure is generously braced and made from high-density hardwood HDF for the perfect combination of superior strength, low resonance and elegant aesthetics. The tweeter’s fascia plates are machined from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminium. They are precision machined, glass blasted, brushed and then anodised in a beautiful tungsten titanium grey colour. The rose gold-plated dispersion mesh works as an S-Stop filter and improves driver Integration.

The QR 7 perfectly matches its siblings. With the addition of the powerful QR Sub, the detailed QR Centre and the easily placed QR Wall, Audiovector is proud to be able to offer a potent and powerful home cinema system.

MD of Renaissance, John Carroll, said: ‘This is a fantastic new loudspeaker and the perfect way to herald Renaissance’s exclusive UK distribution of Audiovector products. I love its powerful performance and the striking cabinet design. Our customers are fun folk, and they are really going to enjoy getting down to the QR 7 sound.’

The QR 7 is available in a choice of three finishes: White Silk, Dark Walnut and Black Piano.

RRP £4,950 per pair.




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