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Airt Audio is the exclusive distributor for Gold Note in the UK & Ireland

Airt Audio is the exclusive distributor for Gold Note in the UK & Ireland

Firenze, Italy – Gold Note, the High-End audio manufacturer founded in Firenze, Italy in 2012, announces the appointment of Airt Audio Ltd as the new exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland.

This new collaboration will help Gold Note bring even more innovative products to the UK, like the PH-10 Phono Stage (https://www.goldnote.it/ph-10), the DS-10 Streaming DAC (https://www.goldnote.it/ds-10) and the IS-1000 Streaming Amplifier (https://www.goldnote.it/is-1000) which have gained the brand a reputation as a future-oriented manufacturer – but also passionately dedicated to the reproduction of vinyl with iconic turntables like the Mediterraneo (https://www.goldnote.it/mediterraneo).

“I am very pleased to have Airt Audio on board as our new official and exclusive distributor for the UK. With Fraser’s experience and the know-how of its team and dealers, we are taking the user experience to an even higher level for all Gold Note customers in the UK” – said Jean-Philippe Pearson, Commercial Director at Gold Note – “Over the past three years, we have been working towards establishing the brand in the UK and we are happy to have found a new partner in Mr Robertson who brings great dynamism and enthusiasm.”

Fraser Robertson, Managing Director at Airt Audio, has been in the audio industry for over 30 years and enjoyed exploring many roles. Starting in retail sales, advancing on to working directly with manufacturers and finally taking on the challenge of becoming a distributor. Fraser is not alone though, leading the UK team at Airt Audio is Glen Furness, the UK Sales Manager and the point of contact for UK dealers.

“History and experience have taught me one important lesson – truly loving the products and the people you work with is fundamental to enjoying both what you do and being successful” says Fraser revealing the secret behind his business, and then commenting on his appointment “Airt is both proud and truly delighted to be working as partners with Maurizio Aterini’s wonderful products and dream team from Italy – Gold Note!”

Airt Audio, while being a relatively new venture, culminates all of Fraser’s experience in one place with products and people who are passionate about what they do. Fraser appreciates Gold Note as an extraordinary mixture of all of the best elements of High-End performance and the genuine commitment to customer satisfaction that is rarely seen these days.

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