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WyWires Platinum headphone cable

WyWires Platinum headphone cable

Alex Sventitsky of WyWires has been hand crafting high-end cables for audiophiles for many years. They took the personal audio world by storm in 2014 with their RED series headphone cables. At a mere three hundred dollars, RED set a new standard for high performance headphone leads in that price bracket. RED was (is) resolute, lightweight, and probably still one of the best bang-for-the-buck cables on the market today. Platinum picks up where RED left off. It’s listed as the “upgrade to the RED Series.” Its design is based around the concept for RED, offering even lower inductance, therefore filtering less of the audio signal. As RED became known for incredible neutrality at its bargain price, sans a slight accentuation of the low-end, Platinum takes that cue even further as an upgraded design should.

The Platinum, in addition to incorporating the original design benefits of RED, offers a “proprietary carbon/graphine compound”. WyWires states this “absorbs and dissipates high frequency electromagnetic interference.” It’s also wonderfully thin and bendable, making it a pleasure to deal with physically and harmonically. Whatever their proprietary design encompasses, the sonic benefits are immediately recognizable. Where RED, as stated above, slightly accentuated the low bass, Platinum is far more neutral. There’s an emphasis on the mid-to-lower midrange as opposed to the bass. However, as that’s where most of music lies, it’s a welcomed upgrade. WyWires has done a terrific job expanding on their successful RED Series with Platinum. The cable offers reference level performance in a more affordable package. 

Price: $599 (additional lengths, $75 per foot)

Note: Sennheiser HD 700 and 800 models and Focal Utopia models are priced at $649 (owing to more costly proprietary plugs)



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