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The Legacy Continues: Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST) Launches Ane

The Legacy Continues: Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST) Launches Ane

California,  June 12, 2015 – Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST), pioneered by the late visionary James Bongiorno, officially launches anew with passion and vigor. The renewed SST has new leadership, a new website, social media presence and a comprehensive high-end product lineup designed and produced in the USA.

Over decades in the audio business, Jim Bongiorno became legendary for his innovative designs like the “Ampzilla” amplifier and his engineering contributions to well-known audio companies like Marantz, Dynaco, SAE, SUMO Electric, The GAS (Great American Sound) Company and Spread Spectrum Technologies (the latter three founded by him).

Due to mutual colleagues, proximity and respect, the early 2000s saw Jim and like-minded audio trailblazer EJ Sarmento of Wyred 4 Sound fame collaborating extensively. During this time, SST products were made more stable, further refined, and ultimately produced at Wyred 4 Sound’s state-of-the-art facilities in California. As Jim’s health began to wane, this would also be a period of ‘passing the torch’ to the talented EJ.

Today’s SST retains the same spirit of bold thinking and innovation as it did when it first began. “Jim was a real pioneer in the industry, and we’re committed to not only continue his vision, but to expand on it,” said Mr. Sarmento. With a product lineup that includes the famous (but improved) Ampzilla amplifier and all-new products like the Son of Ampzilla II amplifier and Thoebe II preamplifier, today’s SST is committed to producing the best made American audio products that money can buy.

SST is an American hi-fi audio company that makes award-winning amplifiers, preamplifiers and other audio components. To learn more, please visit  or email  [email protected] .

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