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Legendary Canadian audio manufacturer, Simaudio, is delighted to announce that it will launch a new sales and distribution company, MOON International, on the 6thJanuary 2020.

MOON International has been created to promote and provide logistics for the MOON range of performance audio products throughout Europe and Asia. With offices in France and the U.K., and a distribution hub in the Netherlands, MOON International is exceptionally well placed to serve its customers.

The new company will be headed by Etienne Gautier and John Carroll. Etienne has worked for Simaudio for 10 years and John has been its U.K. distributor for two decades. They both have a huge passion for MOON products and believe that with their clear, natural and detailed sound they deliver a superior performance. However, Etienne and John both agree that MOON is not just a product range, but an attitude and philosophy. With MOON, you don’t just listen to music, you live it and feel it. 

MOON International’s mission statement perfectly encapsulates the new company’s intentions: To be an influencer and a leader in marketing and strategy for all MOON Export partners – offer adaptable delivery of the MOON ethos – provide factory standard support and service in local markets – remain approachable and flexible in all areas of business.

Louis Lemire, CEO of Simaudio, said, ‘MOON products are becoming ever more popular and the creation of MOON International will better serve the demands of our growing customer base. The MOON International team has a deep understanding of our products and the audio industry. I look forward to seeing many more happy MOON owners across the globe.’

Etienne Gautier, sales director, said, ‘The creation of MOON International gives us a great opportunity to take the extraordinary MOON range of performance audio products to new markets whilst developing the brand with our existing partners. Our new European offices and distribution hub will ensure that we will be closer to our customers and be able to both offer them even better customer service and swiftly deliver our products to them.’

John Carroll, brand director, said, ‘This is the most appropriate way to mark the 40th year of MOON by Simaudio, once a little Canadian audio company, now the brand to watch.’

To find out more about MOON International: [email protected]

To discover the MOON range of products: www.simaudio.com

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