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Say hello to ESOTERIC’s New Line of Remastered Vinyls & CDs: Remastered classics for the modern audiophile


October 2023 – ESOTERIC, the ultra-high-end brand nested within the renowned Japanese audio company TEAC, proudly unveils its remastered collection of SACDs and Vinyl records – where sound quality isn’t just superior; it transcends the ordinary.

With meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to detail, ESOTERIC’s latest SACDs and Vinyl records stand as more than mere music formats; they encapsulate the essence of music at its purest. Experience the unparalleled depth of sound, the richness of tone, and the clarity of each note that make ESOTERIC’s offerings a must-have for audiophiles and music aficionados. ESOTERIC’s collection promises to transport listeners into a sonic realm that reflects the true nature of the original performance. This collection redefines standards with its depth, richness, and pristine clarity – attributes that have become synonymous with the ESOTERIC name.

In a commitment to upholding unparalleled music quality, ESOTERIC has harnessed the unique “ESOTERIC Mastering” technique, introduced in 2022. By integrating cutting-edge sound technologies and forging collaborations with industry leaders like MIXER’s LAB and the renowned Neumann VMS80 team, ESOTERIC guarantees that their records transcend typical listening, offering listeners a profound emotional connection to the music.

For those with refined auditory palettes and a deep appreciation for unparalleled sound quality, ESOTERIC’s latest collection is a sonic treasure trove waiting to be explored.

The limited edition SACD´s and LPs are now exclusively available from the TEAC website: https://eu.teac-audio.com/en-GB/sacd-vinyl


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