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Renaissance, distributor of multi-award-winning audio products, is pleased to announce it has been appointed to represent Audiovector loudspeakers in Scotland. Renaissance is the long-standing distributor of MOON, VPI and Nordost, and Audiovector is the perfect addition to its portfolio of industry-leading brands. 

For more than forty years Audiovector has designed, developed and handcrafted its loudspeakers in Denmark. The company’s vision is to produce high-quality and natural-sounding loudspeakers for music lovers and audiophiles around the world. Their highly musical performance coupled with elegant Scandinavian design and finish, has ensured their popularity. 

Owners of Audiovector loudspeakers benefit from a unique scheme whereby they can return their speakers for an upgrade to a higher level or for replacement with a new and improved model. This scheme avoids speaker scrappage and the associated waste of materials, and it positions Audiovector as both customer-centred and an early eco-minded innovator in the industry. The recent success of the new R3 and R6 models highlights Audiovector as the manufacturer of high-end products that also have a sense of ‘real world’ about them in both design and performance. This success has cemented Audiovector as a high-end loudspeaker manufacturer that is often admired not only by customers but also colleagues in the high-end audio industry. 

Renaissance offers a comprehensive technical support service for each of the products in its carefully chosen portfolio. It also provides a swift and secure delivery service. Strong stock levels at its Edinburgh HQ, plus a highly developed international distribution infrastructure, ensures excellent product availability.

The MD of Renaissance, John Carroll, said, ‘I am delighted to add Audiovector to the Renaissance portfolio. Their loudspeakers perfectly complement VPI’s turntables, Nordost’s cables and accessories, and the MOON range of performance audio products. I have long been searching for a suitable loudspeaker brand to distribute, and in Audiovector I have found a partner that matches the Renaissance vision. I am certain that Audiovector will be exceptionally well received in Scotland.’ 

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