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PMC helps make the ‘Seal II’ immersive mixes a reality

seal news 6.2024

June 2024 – Seal’s second album, Seal (often called Seal II), has been remixed in Dolby Atmos at PMC Studio London, making this yet another major artist release to have been remixed with a PMC engineer at the controls, cementing PMC’s position at the forefront of Dolby Atmos Music. 

PMC Studio London was previously chosen to remix Seals debut album by world renown producer and artist Trevor Horn,together with his engineer Tim Wiedner, as the Dolby Atmos format started to gain traction in 2022. When it came to the remixes of Seals second album, engineer Alex McArthur and PMC’s Phil Millross worked closely together to open up the album into a truly room-filling immersive piece of work, with Trevor Horn producing the project.

The studio, which is used to help educate artists, engineers and producers about Atmos and PMC’s product line, is a world-class mix studio equipped with a multitude of PMC monitors, including the MB3 XBD Active main monitors for the left, centreright and the Ci serieswhich has fast become the global reference for Dolby Atmos music mixing, for the surround and height channels.

Originally produced by internationally acclaimed producer and artist Trevor Horn, Seal II contained the international hit, “Kiss From A Rose” and many other fan favourites. The 30th anniversary edition, has been released as a two CD and Blu-ray box set containing ten previously unreleased recordings. The Blu-ray features both a high-res, 24/96, stereo version of the album and the Dolby Atmos immersive audio mix created at PMC Studio London. 

PMC’s Phil Millross, credited as the assistant mix engineer, says, “It was a huge privilege to work with Trevor and Alex on this legendary album. The resulting immersive audio mix is amazing and has to be heard to be believed, and I am sure it will help to convert even more people to the experiential benefits of Atmos music.”

Commenting on the process of taking this cherished recording and giving it the Atmos treatment, Alex McArthur says, “We very much wanted to stay true to the original mixes while bringing them into the Atmos format, which meant expanding the soundscape to fill the room and make it immersive, but there were also some nice moments where we could get a bit more creative. Having Trevor produce the project enabled us to retain the detail of the originals, which were mixed with such a specific intention.”

On the use of PMC Studio London, he adds, “The monitoring was exceptional. It really highlighted the differences between the original mixes and our current mixes, which helped guide the process in terms of matching the originals. In addition, having Phil’s expertise of the Atmos format and being able to listen to the Atmos demo material alongside our mixes was incredibly insightful.”

The Seal II Dolby Atmos mix is available now on Blu-ray and via Apple Music and Tidal.


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