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Mellow Acoustics announces the New FrontRo Pro

Mellow Acoustics announces the New FrontRo Pro

From the Mellow Acoustics press release: 

Farnham October 2021:  Following two very favourable press reviews of the Frontro speakers by Hifi+ and Hi Fi Pig, Mellow Acoustics has been assessing its remarkable hybrid electrostatic speaker with regard to pleasing those enthusiasts who expressed a requirement for more bass response to suit their musical choices.

“While the Frontro has been acclaimed for its wonderful reproduction abilities by many people whose choice is for classical or jazz music primarily, we have listened to those who have found the bass too light for their tastes.” Said designer, Tim Mellow, “In response we have re-analysed the bass setup and made two main alterations.”

The changes include the woofer being upgraded from 5.25 inch to a 6.5 inch unit with even greater excursion. In addition, the crossover has been lowered from 600 Hz to 400 Hz for more transparent midrange from the electrostatic unit. The revised units will be known as the FrontRo Pro edition.

Listeners have already remarked that this already superb speaker has been transformed! Rock and Drum & Bass is now pumped out at highly satisfactory levels without compromising the speaker’s ability to delicately reproduce live vocals and sparkling acoustics guitar sounds.

Mellow Acoustics is currently making a pair of the new speakers available for press reviews or for demonstration at dealerships in the UK.

FrontRo is the only electrostatic loudspeaker designed and built in UK. It has the broadest directivity pattern for spacious room-filling sound and pin-point imaging

It is a uniquely compact electrostatic loudspeaker, suitable for even quite small rooms. The sound is produced by a light gossamer film in free space. It is the closest thing to moving air directly with no cones, domes, heavy coils or boxes to mar the sound.

The FrontRo is a hybrid electrostatic design with a circular electrostatic unit, about the size of a vinyl LP, above a conventional dynamic woofer in a pyramid-shaped box. The FrontRo is the only British-built electrostatic loudspeaker with a design that proudly boasts its British heritage, built by hand in England.


About Mellow Acoustics


Mellow Acoustics was founded in 2011 by Tim Mellow who felt that hi-fi design had become too complicated and focused on technical specifications, whilst losing sight of what really mattered – the integrity of the sound.


Tim Mellow is an electronics and acoustics engineer with 30 years of experience working at several companies including 12 years at Nokia. His OTL tube amplifier design published in 2010 issue of AudioXpress has proved a popular DIY project. Tim is also the co-author of an updated version of Leo Beranek’s classic 1954 book ‘Acoustics’ and has published 11 papers in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Tim presented a paper on his Oscillating Sphere Concept, to the 144th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society in Milan 2018, which he developed while designing FrontRo.

Manufacturer: Mellow Acoustics

URL: frontro.co.uk

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