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McIntosh MI502 Digital Amplifier launches

mcintosh MI502

McIntosh MI502 2-Channel Digital Amplifier offers an incredible 500 watts of McIntosh-quality Class D power.

*From the McIntosh news release

Binghamton, New York, USA, 3 November 2022: McIntosh has launched the MI502 2-Channel Digital Amplifier, a powerful and highly versatile Class D power amp that’s set to expand the company’s uncompromising ‘Ci-Fi’ (Custom Install Fidelity) portfolio.

The MI502 is extremely flexible, offering a substantial 500 watts of power into 8 ohms or 800 watts into 4 ohms, making it highly attractive for premium custom-installed home audio or home cinema systems.

The amplifier uses innovative closed-loop digital switching technology with resilient power supplies to produce groundbreaking performance levels for custom install audio; McIntosh’s world-renowned sound quality comes as standard.


The MI502 can be configured flexibly, too: it can be used to power the front left and right speakers in a home cinema system; drive two in-wall subwoofers; a pair could drive the three front channels of a home cinema plus one subwoofer; or even power a pair of outdoor speakers; multiple MI502s could also be used to power a distributed home audio system.

Rack-mountable with a 2U height, the MI502’s highly efficient Class D amplifier means the amplifier does not require noisy cooling fans to maintain nominal operating temperature, despite its powerful 500-watt output.

mcintosh_MI502 Lifestyle

The front panel features two blue McIntosh Watt Meters that display the power output of each channel, while multi-colour LED indicators display the status of each channel. The rear panel includes a pair of balanced and unbalanced inputs to connect to preamplifiers, and a pair of McIntosh’s standard five-way speaker binding posts are also included.

Also included is a black-glass front panel, an illuminated McIntosh logo, and a familiar form factor, highlighted by silver trim.


The MI502 also benefits from several proprietary McIntosh technologies including:

Power Guard® signal overload technology that prevents overdriving the speakers

Sentry Monitor™ short-circuit protection circuit that disengages the output stage before current exceeds safe operating levels and then resets automatically when operating conditions return to normal

Power Control 12-volt triggering capabilities

Eco-friendly on/off signal sensing that turns the unit off if no input signal has been detected for a set amount of time, or automatically turns the amp on when it senses a signal

mcintosh-MI502 Angle Left

Pricing and availability

Orders for the MI502 can now be placed with authorised McIntosh dealers with shipping expected to begin in November 2022 (United States and Canada), and the rest of the world, shortly thereafter, £5,995.

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