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Lindemann – New From Old. Musicbook Upgrade “SOURCE 2020“

Lindemann – New From Old. Musicbook Upgrade “SOURCE 2020“

Good news for the owners of older Musicbook digital sources – LINDEMANN is now making them future-proof. With a full hard- and firmware upgrade to the latest version Musicbook SOURCE. This is available as of now for all Musicbooks of the first and second generation (10, 15, 20, 25 with or without DSD). 

What will be done? 

Of the previous “old unit“ only the housing, the display and the remote control will continue to be used. The entire electronics is replaced! Units with a CD drive (Musicbook 15+25) are equipped with a new CD-ROM drive, but not so devices without a CD drive (Musicbook 10+20). On models which haven’t supported streaming so far (Musicbook 10+15), this function will now be added. That way every upgraded device will correspond both technically & soundwise 100% to the new Musicbook SOURCE.

 What benefits does the upgrade 2020 bring? 

New, considerably more powerful streaming platform with all audiophile streaming services (TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, HIGHRESAUDIO) plus Roon-ready support 

HighRes streaming, also in studio master quality, up to 384 kHz / 24bit and DSD256 

Perfect wireless streaming with dual antenna and AC standard – also of high-resolution tracks. A LAN cable is therefore no longer required. 

New convenient Lindemann app for Android and iOS with tablet support in landscape mode. Easy to use, very stable operation. 

Newly developed digital/analog converter: new master clock with ultra low jitter values over the entire audio bandwidth, next generation converter elements (2 x AK4493) in mono mode. Our biggest step towards perfect digital playback so far. 

Completely revised analog preamp, now featuring a top-level phono MM input. 

Improved headphone output with higher output current which can drive impedances down to 16 ohms. 

New CD-ROM drive with faster access time and lower noise emission. 

✓ And much more … 

Prices (incl. 2-year new warranty) 

Musicbook w/o CD drive: € 1,490.- [models: musicbook:10 (DSD), musicbook:20 (DSD)] 

Musicbook w CD drive: € 1,690.- [models: musicbook:15 (DSD), musicbook:25 (DSD)] 

For more information please visit

Your contact for further inquiries: Christopher von Delhaes +49 (0)8153 95 333-90 [email protected]

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