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Lateral Audio LAS-1 Encore and LAS-9 Cadenz Vr

Lateral Audio LAS-1 Encore and LAS-9 Cadenz Vr
Lateral Audio

Lateral Audio LAS-1 Encore and LAS-9 Cadenz Vr

Lateral Audio announces the launch of two new performance audio stands at the North West Audio Show,  June 18th & 19th at the Devere Cranage Hall estate, Holmes Chapel. The company made its debut at the show in 2018, and will again display with the founder and owner of this UK performance audio stand brand. 

LAS-1 Encore

LAS-1 Encore makes its international debut and launches at the show. Configurable and adaptable to component spacings, LAS-1 Encore presents a level of performance for the experienced high-end system and premium system owner.

The display stand will be a 4T-780 and specified with a complete set of DCP Isolation platforms with optimised surfaces on all levels, and presented in a black ‘low sheen’ finish with silver anodised aluminium livery. 


LAS-9 Cadenz Vr

LAS-9 Cadenz Vr is an exciting addition to the Cadenz series, with finish options of Oak, Black Oak, Maple, and Walnut adding to the original ‘flat black’. The original design was reviewed by editor Alan Sircom in Issue #199 and was awarded Winner by HiFi+ in Issue # 202.

Cadenz Vr provides system performance for up to £20k systems and offers exceptional performance and dynamics for your system at this price point. With spacer height options of 120mm,160mm, 220mm, 280mm the Cadenz stand is configurable for a wide variety of system types, and one that is adaptable for any future changes.


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