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New IKEA turntable unveiled with Swedish House Mafia

IKEA OBEGRANSAD record player
Image from IKEA

It’s been a long wait for a new IKEA turntable. But the vinyl wave has made it back to the amazing Swedish furniture/food/weekend time-sink.

They have announced a new IKEA turntable that is its first offering in the category since 1973.

The Obegransad turntable has an Audio-Technica cartridge and a built-in phono pre-amp as well as Bluetooth (though this digitization of vinyl at low resolution is a head-scratcher).

Being IKEA, we assume the Obegransad turntable will be inexpensive, but we’re not sure if it will be in IKEA’s “so cheap we wonder if it will still be standing tomorrow” line or from the “the fit and finish is impressive for the price” line.

Also, being IKEA, there will be a related desk with speaker stands.

The furniture giant announced the product Friday at the IKEA Festival at 2022 Milan Design Week. They also announced a music production desk and armchair.

IKEA says the new products have been “designed for producing, performing, and listening to music at home,” the news release states.

More than 20 furniture pieces will make up the remaining products from the Swedish House Mafia collaboration. The two announced the collaboration in September 2021.

You can find out more in this news release.

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