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Gold Note PA-10 power amplifier

Gold Note PA-10 power amplifier

Florence, Italy – December 5, 2019 – Gold Note is pleased to announce the immediate release of the new stereo amplifier PA-10. The PA-10 is a part of the 10 Series, the conveniently sized entry level line of the Italian manufacturer.

The PA-10 has been developed to offer great power considering its small size (200mm W x 80mm H x 260mm D; 4kg) being only half as big as standard amplifiers. The product is designed as the perfect companion of the DS-10 4in1 DAC (released in July 2019) and the famous multi-awarded PH-10 phono stage and therefore completing a stylish smaller sized High-End System without renouncing to the power and Gold Note sound quality.

The PA-10 is a fully balanced amplifier featuring a BTLdesign (Bridge-Tied-Load) which allows the unit to be easily bridged and work as a mono amplifier increasing its power rate from 75Watt per channel @ 8Ω to a considerable 600Watt @ 4Ω load.

, Gold Note PA-10 power amplifier

The PA-10 features a lot of innovations which have always distinguished Gold Note’s design. Its most unique function is a GN property Adjustable Damping Factor that allows for an ideal matching of the power amplifier with almost any kind of loudspeaker. Use the default setting for large speakers or activate the low damping factor via an easy button on the rear when driving high sensitivity or mini-monitor speakers.

Moreover, the proprietary GN LINK technology allows putting the PA-10 into a Master-Slave-Mode with other sources like the DS-10 or a second PA-10. When connected via the GN Link cable, the unit will go in standby mode and will re-activate itself only when receiving a signal from the master unit. The GN Link-Function guarantees major user-friendliness since you will be switching ON/OFF the entire audio chain from one source only.

, Gold Note PA-10 power amplifier

The PA-10 is built around a very solid steel chassis completed by massive panels of aluminium to avoid RFI and EMI. Featuring our iconic air vent design and the same finishes (black, silver or gold), PA-10 integrates itself seamlessly into the look of the 10 Series and completes a coherent design concept that is inspired by the native Italian design tradition. With Gold Note you’re able to create a system where every unit matches the other. The high level of build quality of the PA-10 is completed with top-level electronic components, flexible RCA and XLR outputs and gold-plated speaker terminals. 

Orders of the PA-10 Power Amplifier can now be placed with authorized Gold Note dealers worldwide. Suggested retail price: 1390€



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