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ELAC Concentro S 509

ELAC Concentro S 509

From the ELAC GmbH press release:

Kiel, May 2020: A feast for the eyes, a precision tool… and wholeheartedly dedicated to music: the ELAC Concentro S 509 is a distinctively styled loudspeaker with an impressive feature set. Although a cursory glance suggests a close resemblance to the smaller Concentro S 507, a direct comparison reveals the major difference.

Internal and external scale… 
The shape of the Concentro S 509 seamlessly blends the extravagant design of the large Concentros with the clean lines of the world-renowned Vela Series. The wraparound baffle forms the basis for superb acoustics but combines with the gently angled cabinet, the trapezoid basic shape and expressive bottom assembly with “high-heel” effect to create a powerful yet natural and elegant appearance. The impressive overall dimensions create a canvass for meticulously applied high-gloss lacquer and elegant real wood veneer finishes.

Your own ear is always the best judge… 
The acoustic centerpiece of the Concentro S 509 is the stepX-JET: a concentric chassis comprising the new JET 5c tweeter and a midrange driver with an aluminum membrane. A patented technology uses exchangeable DRCs (Directivity Control Rings) to tailor the directional characteristics in the mid-frequency range to conditions in the listening room. The different DCRs (three aluminum DCRs are included as standard) are used to optimize the relationship between direct and diffuse sound in the listening zone. 

You can delete the word “compromise” from your vocabulary…
The stepX-JET is supported by a front-mounted low/midrange unit that employs AS-XR technology. Four powerful side-firing, long-throw woofers with a diameter of 180 mm ensure effortless bass performance. The special ICD configuration (Impulse Compensated Design) guarantees contoured bass reproduction free of any coloration due to unwanted mechanical vibrations. Put simply, the Concentro S 509 delivers stunning dynamics, exceptional resolution, and all-encompassing reproduction of signals. Although utterly uncompromising in technical terms, its personality is defined by the sheer joy of playing and a tangible love of music.

ELAC Concentro S 509: Price and availability 
The Concentro S 509 is available in high-gloss lacquer finishes (black and white) and in a high-gloss walnut veneer from May 2020 at a suggested retail price of € 7.999 by the end of June /€ 8.499 from by the end of June per unit.


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