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Cyrus Audio announces update to the very popular Phono Signature


March 21, 2024 – The original Phono Signature has gained a lot of vinyl fans from around the world since it launched back in 2016, so it comes as no surprise that Cyrus is announcing an update to this true classic.

“We wanted to make sure that an update to this popular phono stage did not unnecessarily push up the price and that it remained very much a part of the new Classic series. A year of work from our R&D team has enabled us to re-examine all areas of the Phono Signature and carry out updates where possible, but it is difficult to improve on what we believe has been one of the best performing phono stages at any price point. The baseplate has also been updated in line with the Classic AMP, PRE, STREAM and POWER, which provides improved mechanical isolation as well as greater immunity to external electrical interference, which is vitally important when it comes to the accurate reproduction of audio.” said Chris Hutcheson, Head of Marketing at Cyrus.

Even though this is most definitely an update rather than a re-design, we feel that it is very encouraging that Cyrus has kept the price of the Classic PHONO in line with the original Phono Signature, continuing to bring this popular phono stage to vinyl fans at a very competitive price point.

The new Classic PHONO is available at £1895 and is in stock and available to order immediately. Alternatively book a demo session with your local Cyrus specialist to experience this popular phono stage for yourself.

To find out more about the Classic PHONO or other products from the Cyrus range, you can visit www.cyrusaudio.com.


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