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Acoustical-Systems Introduce the NEW 10” Reference Tonearm – The AQUILAR

Acoustical-Systems Introduce the NEW 10” Reference Tonearm – The AQUILAR

 The AQUILAR – features:

* VTA on-the-fly

* 10” effective length

* Very easy and swift set up

* Comes w/ special 3D-alignment template

* Non-touch magnetic Anti-skating – on-the-fly

* Inner wiring is fine 5N pure soft silver litz wire

* Dynamic anti skating following the tangential curve

* Unique acoustical-systems titanium/carbon-hybrid arm wand

* User can select static or dynamic balance mode and combination of both

* Adjustable SRA, VTA, Azimuth, Overhang and Offset angle – all at the headshell

* Design based on unique UNI-DIN geometry – available only in AXIOM and AQUILAR

* Available with direct-to-phono 1.2 m length phono lead or DIN 5-pole

* Available in 2 fine finishes:

Black satin matt and Ceramic-alloy silver matt

* Available in 2 mounting versions:

With flat top mount plate (same as Tri-Planar, Jelco or DaVinci) or Drop-in replacement for standard SME-mounting plate.

Contact: www.hmfsolutions.com

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