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The Player all-in-one turntable has been lovingly engineered in New Jersey by the US masters of vinyl replay, VPI. Equipped with a cartridge, a built-in phono stage and headphone amplifier the VPI Player is…ready to play!

Designed to be an all-in-one high-end, but affordable turntable solution, the VPI Player brings vinyl to sparkling life. Featuring a built-in phono stage, headphone amp, 9-inch metal gimballed arm, mounted cartridge, and machined aluminium platter, the Player is a plug ‘n’ play solution for all listeners. VPI have fully prepared the Player in their factory so that there is minimal set-up required and your vinyl can be spinning straight away.

The on-board headphone amplifier allows you to plug a pair of headphones into the turntable, and listen directly to your vinyl – no amplifier required! The built-in phono stage has been designed to work perfectly with the Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge that comes pre-mounted in the VPI Player’s tonearm, and the headphone amplifier has its own volume control. If you’d prefer to use an external phono stage to link the Player to your hi-fi system, then you can simply bypass the one that’s built in.

The Player punches way above its weight class and delivers a reproduction of intense musicality. For those that have heard all the hype about the vinyl sound, but not listened to their records in years, the VPI Player will deliver more than they were hoping for.

Available in a striking pure-white finish, the Player is at home in any environment.

With an upgradable platter, tonearm, feet, and the ability to engage and disengage the electronics, there are a host of options to allow the VPI Player to be taken further into high-end audio territory.

No other manufacturer can produce such a musically engaging turntable at this price. The standard of construction, grade of materials and outstanding audio reproduction are usually found in tables that cost much more. 

VPI has not forgotten the simple and beautiful tactile joy of playing vinyl – let the needle softly drop into the groove to start the VPI Player performance.

RRP: £1,500 (with a three-year warranty)


The detail:


·      1.25’’ thick textured vinyl-covered non-resonant MDF chassis

·      16’’ x 11’’footprint

·      19” x 14” x 6” overall size

·      Aluminium Platter

·      Platter rotates on an oil bath bearing and fitted to shaft with a #2 Jacob’s Taper for a concentric rigidly mounted coupling

·      The bearing has a PEEK thrust disc and machined graphite impregnated brass bushings using a Thompson Engineering 60 Rockwell case hardened shaft


·      New 9” vertical Yoke type tonearm with lateral turntable type bearing

·      Pivot to spindle: 223mm

·      Effective length: 240.7mm

·      Overhang: 17.7mm

·      Offset angle: 22.85 degrees

·      Average RMS distortion: .36%

·      VTA adjustable arm mount.

·      Damped stainless steel armtube.

·      Very pure copper wire, twisted with special insulating jacket

·      The armbase is upgradeable to a standard JMW 9 arm

Additional Specifications:

·      Type                           Belt drive (manual turntable)

·      Motor                          24v synchronous AC motor

·      Turntable Platter            Aluminium

·      Diameter                     11.81” (30.0 cm)

·      Turntable Speeds         33.3 RPM and 45 RPM

·      Wow and Flutter           .1% WRMS (in accordance with DIN specification)

·      Rumble                        < – 80dB (IEC 98A unweighted)

·      Cartridge                     Ortofon 2M Red

·      Output                        5 mV @ 1 KHz

·      Tracking Force             1.5 grams (recommended)

·      Input Load                   47K

·      Weight                        5.5 grams

·      Power Supply               10v VAC @ 60 Hz, 230v VAC @ 50hz

·      Power Consumption      7.7 watts at full output

·      Dimensions                  18.5” W x 13.5” D x 4.3” H

·      Weight                        12.9 lbs. (5.9 kg)

For more information visit:  www.


Angela Brown: 07975 907899                     Matthew Tasker: 07791 380267                    

VPI Industries Inc. is a high-end audio American manufacturer founded in 1978. All VPI products are designed and built in the United States in Cliffwood, New Jersey. VPI’s sonic philosophy is to reproduce the dynamics of live music in the home and that the illusion of reality cannot be duplicated without a convincing resolution of low-level detail, along with a natural sense of acoustic space. VPI products are sold in over 65 countries across the globe.

August 2017

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