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Music Interview: Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

What kind of gear did you use on the album?

I don’t know a whole lot about the studio gear used for the sessions, but do I know a couple of things: Jason used an old CBS Laboratories 411 Volumax audio limiter, a couple of Chandler compressors and some other vintage and modern gear.

He also used an audio interface that I had personally never heard of. It was a Metric Halo. I’m not sure of the model but it sounds great.

I used my 1971 Hammond B3 with a Leslie 21H, Jimmy James used his 1964 Silverstone guitar with a 1×15 old Peavey Delta Blues amp, and Grant Schroff used a bunch of vintage and modern drums pieced together.

Every drum Grant used was from a different manufacturer. He had about three-plus drum kits to choose from, so we went through each drum and found the best sounding ones then got to work.

What prompted the cover version of George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper?’ It sticks out on the album… 

We were doing a show in Seattle at the start of the band and Jimmy, in-between songs, kind of quoted a piece of ‘Careless Whisper.’ I’ve never played that song before, but I just went for it, slashing and hacking my way through it.

It started out as a little snippet that we just threw in every now and then, but then the crowds went nuts every time we played it, so eventually we decided to do the full song. At the request of my wife, and manager, Amy Novo, we recorded it. It’s her number one requested song.

Some of the album has a cinematic feel. Would you like to write a film soundtrack and, if so, what kind of movie would appeal to you?

I’d love to write a score for an old school, Blaxploitation-style flick, like Across 110th Street, Black Caesar or Foxy Brown – car chases, police sirens and ‘70s hustling. That would be dope!

I grew up watching those movies. Again it goes back to the music being raw and dirty.

Are you hoping to play live again when things get back to normal? 

Absolutely! As soon as they say the word we’re running to the stage. We plan to continue where we left off and do all the US and European shows we had planned on doing in 2020.

We also want to some countries we’ve never been to. I miss the stage a lot. I hope to be back on the road in 2021, playing music and possibly bringing some joy back to the lives of people. We all need that, including myself, and I want to do the best I can to make people find peace in their lives.

Last year was very productive for me, apart from taking a financial hit for not being able to tour, but I’m getting by for now.

Since March 2020, I’ve written and recorded roughly 70 new songs in a few different genres.

I’ve also been working with Novo Productions, which is owned by my wife, on a recording project called DLO3 and Friends. It’s going to be based on the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, but we will collaborate with artists from around the world, as well as recording albums as a trio.

What are your fears for the future?

Not being able to go back to work and losing everything we’ve been striving for all our lives.

We can only hang in there for so long before everything comes to a complete halt. And if it gets to that point can we pick up from where we left off or do we have to start all over? Only time can answer that one.


Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio’s I Told You So is out now on Colemine Records. It’s available on pink or black vinyl, cassette and CD, as well as across digital/streaming

Main Image by Frances Willey

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