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More Power Please Cyrus!

More Power Please Cyrus!

Cyrus Audio Ltd

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England. February 2015

The latest project to emerge from the Cyrus R&D team is a very high power amplifier Stereo 200. Described as a ‘hybrid’ design because it combines a sophisticated Cyrus analogue power supply with a new Class D output stage; these allow the many sonic benefits of Class D to be used for the first time in Cyrus high-end audio products.

Cyrus’ Peter Bartlett said; “Issues such as matching Class D output stages with loudspeakers have until now been a barrier to Cyrus using this interesting technology. Now we have devised several unique engineering features, our team have solved these issues with new techniques such as an automated Speaker Impedance Detection (SID), a feature that accurately measures the connected speaker (and cables) and adjusts the amplifier to perfectly match the speakers. This was previously a limitation of us using Class D output topologies. The result is a ½ width die-cast Cyrus chassis that delivers vast dynamics because of it awesome 2 x 200 watt power”.

The Stereo 200 is out now and can be heard in a ticketed demonstration at the Bristol hi-fi show, Cabot suite 20th – 22nd February. The Stereo power amplifier will sell for £1,750 each.

About Cyrus Audio

Cyrus is an English, specialist audio company, manufacturing precision hi-fi equipment. Built around its Research and Development team, Cyrus is internationally recognised as a leader in audio engineering. For over 30 years the design philosophy has been to engineer the very best performance possible within three ranges of models, all built in Huntingdon, with increasing levels of performance, each directly profiting from the technology developed for the range above it.

The Cyrus sound is an intentionally tuned acoustic picture, where a vast soundstage, deep tuneful bass, precise timing and open expressive vocals are prime values.

Press contact

For further Cyrus Audio information, images or review products, please contact Victoria Littlewood on +44 (0)1480 435577 or email: [email protected]

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