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Kimber Kable AXIOS AG headphone cable

Kimber Kable AXIOS AG headphone cable

Ray Kimber is a pillar of the high end audio community and his cables are beloved by audiophiles across the globe. He founded Kimber Kable in 1979, and his designs have garnered praise from such high end pioneers as the late Harry Pearson and many others. Kimber got his start in hi-fi after working for a sound and lighting company in the mid-seventies during the birth of the discotheque. He discovered various issues with the signal cables feeding club sound-systems (which were close to the lighting systems). He devised innovative ways to deal with noise issues and get better audible performance out of the audio cables as well. His initial, (now globally-renowned) braided speaker cable designs were introduced and Kimber has been serving up high quality sound ever since.

Kimber’s AXIOS headphone cable was acclaimed by high-end headphone devotees and critics upon its introduction in 2015. The company has since been improving upon the design, offering three different configurations, all hand-braided. AXIOS CU features 16 OFHC copper conductors, AXIOS HB has 8 OFHC copper and 8 pure silver conductors, while the top-of-the-line AXIOS AG features 16 pure silver conductors. The AG carries a high price-tag of $3,000, but its performance proves it’s truly the cream-of-the-crop.

AG’s precision and speed are staggering. Transients smack and slap with velocity and weight. Harmonics are richly textured and vivid, delivering cascades of tonal colour and detail. Everything from synths to guitars are exquisitely rendered. Rhythmic elements are fantastically dimensional, seemingly existing in their own spaces yet interacting organically to create a harmonious splash of sound. Timbre and tone are remarkably natural, meaning instruments and vocals sound as lifelike and engaging as possible. This is a true reference cable suitable for use with today’s most demanding and revealing headphones. Try AXIOS AG; it never disappoints.

Price: $3,000 – 1.2 metre (UK price to be confirmed)


By Michael Mercer

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