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Issue 170 and Hi-Fi+ Playlists

Issue 170 and Hi-Fi+ Playlists

Our bumper 20thanniversary issue is about to hit the streets in the US, and as a taster of what is on offer, we’ve decided on something wholly new. We have just created a Spotify playlist of the music we used to assess the equipment in Issue 170:


We have also included a list of recommended audio tracks from a question in our Personal Audio Incoming section:


We want your feedback here. While Spotify is not the highest of high-resolution sources and some of the remasters are less than perfect, it allows the listener the chance to discover the music we use to evaluate the equipment. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and recommendations (OK, the sensible ones… replacing every recording with ‘Baby Shark’ or Pinky & Perky’s ‘Congratulations’ ain’t gonna happen).

, Issue 170 and Hi-Fi+ Playlists

In addition, you can now order Issue 170 through our back issues section of our website:  


We’re proud of our bumper issue, the largest one to date. It features a list of the best brands we’ve seen in the last 20 years, all the best reviews and features, a comprehensive directory of audio terminology, and even features a free IsoTek Ultimate System Set-Up CD. 


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