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Innovative new cable offer from Black Rhodium.

Innovative new cable offer from Black Rhodium.

Closure of hi-fi shops throughout the UK coupled with minimal exports orders due to the Coronavirus has challenged Black Rhodium to seek new markets and new opportunities to sell online. Black Rhodium has some great assets in the high quality wire and connectors used to build top quality audio cables. And very goods stocks of some. So Black Rhodium has risen to the challenge. ’99 by BLACK RHODIUM’ offers consumers the benefits of superb sound from using very high quality parts, but simply constructed to keep prIces low. 

99 by BLACK RHODIUM offers a high grade 1m stereo interconnect and a 3m speaker cable pair for only £99. 


Both cables use a silver plated copper wire insulated in silicone rubber as is used on Black Rhodium high end hand built loudspeaker cables.

The loudspeaker cable uses Black Rhodium gold plated Universal 4mm plugs specially designed to accept a wide of cable sizes from 0.5 sq. mm to 6 sq. mm. With a flexible cover, the ‘Universal’ plug is particularly suited for BiWire cables and is used in Black Rhodium BiWire cables.

The RCA interconnect is terminated with the Graham Nalty GN-3 gold plated RCA plug which has been specially chosen for Black Rhodium interconnects, including the award winning Operetta interconnect, on account of its excellent sound quality.

Both cables can be purchased directly from the Black Rhodium web site https://blackrhodium.co.uk/product-category/99-range/

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