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Gold Note PH-1000 phono stage

Connecting the PH-1000 directly to my Moor Amps Angel 6 power amplifier and selecting the preamplifier mode didn’t match the result with the reference preamp in the system but got close. It revealed that this is a very low noise device indeed and therefore lets a lot of quiet detail through in a coherent fashion, with a line source it produced excellent scale and image depth. It was also interesting to try the mono feature, there aren’t many such records in my collection but one by the Modern Jazz Quartet [At Music Inn, London/Atlantic] has never sounded good, at least not until ‘mono’ was selected on the Gold Note. Then it sprang into life, the previously lacklustre sound turning into a high energy vibe that barely sounded like the same band, if you have a few mono pressings this feature will be a game changer. I searched in vain for a record from one of the labels that the PH-1000 has an appropriate EQ curve for, these are mostly classical releases from the 1950s and such things are pretty scarce in my collection.

Gold Note PH-1000 rear panel

The Gold Note PH-1000 is a tour de force of a phono stage/preamplifier, it may be expensive, but you try and find this sort of feature set for less, it will be a long search. The sound it produces is very even handed and refined, the quality of electronics is clearly in the premium league, and this combined with the ability to change so many parameters on the fly makes it a fabulous piece of kit for vinyl lovers looking to get the best out of their collections.



  • Type: Solid-state, MM/MC phono stage/line pre with multiple EQ presets
  • Phono inputs: Two pair single-ended (via RCA jacks), one pair balanced (via XLR connectors)
  • Analogue outputs: One pair single-ended (via RCA jacks), one pair balanced (via XLR connectors)
  • Gain: 65dB MC, 40dB MM with 7 options: -9dB, -6dB, -3dB, 0dB, +3dB, +6dB, +9d
  • Input impedance: 10 Ohm–100kOhm + external load
  • Input capacitance: 100pF–1000pF
  • Output impedance: Unbalanced 100 Ohms, balanced 150 Ohms
  • Output level: 2Vrms (nominal), 2.5Vrms (maximum)
  • RIAA linearity: Not specified
  • Distortion: < 0.01% THD
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: -100dB
  • Dimensions (H×W×D): 135 × 430 × 375mm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Price: £8,700/£12,500 with line level preamplifier


Manufacturer: Gold Note



UK Distributor: Airt Audio

Tel: +44 (0)7548 796382


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