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Fine Sounds UK expands with Audio T tie-up

Fine Sounds team


Fife, Scotland, November 2nd: Fine Sounds UK, the country’s McIntosh, Sonus faber, Bassocontinuo and IsoTek distributor, has expanded its UK dealer network adding one of the biggest names in hi-fi retailing, Audio T.

Starting in the South West, Audio T Bristol, Swindon and Cardiff are now offering Sonus faber loudspeakers and IsoTek power-cleaning systems. The Swindon store is also offering McIntosh Laboratory’s portfolio of high-end electronics; Southampton is also an IsoTek stockist.

The addition of Audio T marks the first time McIntosh and Sonus faber have been available via a national store network, making it easier than ever to experience the brands’ offerings.

Audio T Bristol will offer the new Sonus faber Lumina range, Sonetto I, II and III, plus the Olympica Nova I and III. Cardiff profiles Lumina II, plus Sonetto I and III, and Olympica Nova I and II. Audio T Swindon carries the McIntosh MA5300 and MA7200, plus Sonetto I & III.

Audio T’s Sales and Marketing Director Kevin Starkie said, “We are very proud to add another quality brand to our portfolio, Sonus faber has a long and illustrious history of creating exciting and quality-built products giving our customers even greater choice when selecting the right products for their home system. We are also very excited about adding Mcintosh to our Swindon store: the product has an Iconic feel and sound, and we feel it’s a great addition to the top electronics we offer.”

Audio T Store front

Marketing Director, Andy Oattes added, “Working with Audio T reaffirms our commitment to our top-down strategy building a strong network of dealers throughout the UK. We are long-time admirers of Audio T and their positive impact on the industry, and we are looking forward to strengthening our relationship together. It brings exciting times with the introduction of the electronics we offer.”

Audio T Bristol’s Max Revelle said, “At Audio T Bristol, we are excited and proud to be on board with Sonus faber. The brand itself offers ranges of highly competent loudspeakers which are beautifully crafted to look like the music is coming from an actual musical instrument. They offer a serious sound, exceptional beauty and are surprisingly competitively priced.”

Additional Audio T stores are expected to be added in the coming months.

Fine Sounds UK contact details:

T: 01592 744710
E: [email protected]
W: finesounds.uk
W: isoteksystems.com

About Fine Sounds UK

Fine Sounds UK is the British high-performance audio distributor behind some of the world’s most iconic hi-fi brands, including the legendary US home entertainment specialist McIntosh (1949) and world-renowned Italian luxury loudspeaker extraordinaire, Sonus faber (1983). The company is committed to supplying UK retailers with the finest A/V equipment on the planet.

The company is a joint venture between McIntosh Group (USA) and McIntosh Laboratory’s previous distributor of 15 years, Jordan Acoustics (UK). Fine Sounds UK brings nearly a century of high-end audio expertise to the UK market, providing unrivalled experience, knowledge and service to specialist audio dealers in Great Britain.


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