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Gold Note 10th Anniversary
Gold Note 10th Anniversary

In the last 10 years, despite the changes we have faced, the difficulties overcome and hundreds of different experiences, we have always preserved our identity and pursued the same original dream, the same vision that guided our CEO Maurizio Aterini right from the design of its first turntable. This is why we decided to celebrate such an important date together with partners, suppliers, and customers who have accompanied us along this exciting journey and have believed in us from the very beginning, sharing the values on which Gold Note is founded:

  • People at the core
  • Authentically Made in Italy
  • Tradition and expertise as sources of constant innovation
  • Attention to sustainability and energy efficiency to reduce the impact on the environment.


We would like to tell these first 10 years through a variety of voices and share their messages through a variety of channels and tools, such as a dedicated, immersive website with 3D elements, and shape-morphing technique to create a storytelling of Gold Note values focused on the concept of “the materiality of sound”. Through the scrolling mechanic, where the users are involved in a synesthetic experience aimed at “showing” the sound, materializing its invisible essence into animations that turn abstract forms of gold metals, kinetic sand, and “space matter” into the concrete shapes of the most iconic Gold Note products.

Browse the website at: https:www.goldnoteanniversary.it/en/

The same creative concept is conveyed by a series of videos: each one, through the type of material and the products protagonists, represents a specific value or experience that identifies Gold Note; so the Mediterraneo and the brightness of its gold leaf finish expresses the match of tradition & Innovation, whereasthe PH-1000 is a milestone on the road to the future. The DS-10 is entrusted with the task of standing for the Italian sound, a well-balanced, full-bodied sound as natural as possible, that’s neither wholly analytical nor sentimental. Finally, the XS-85 loudspeaker becomes the symbol of our ultimate purpose: making people feel, with each listening, a fulfilling sense of music enjoyment.

Enjoy your immersive experience in the Gold Note world: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ0RLXEBCduJKe-TLik7B7NQCU4JLD8uj

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