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How to find a good stereo system: Audio Basics Episode 5

Tom tells Lance how to find a good stereo system

How does one go about finding a good stereo system?

Audio Basics is a series intended for audiophiles who may be at the beginning of their journeys, as well as the experienced audiophile who may just want a refresher.

In this week’s episode, Nextscreen Executive Publisher Tom Martin describes the steps you should take to find a good stereo system.

Tom has already told Lance the 10 elements of a great stereo, including frequency response, sound staging, and distortion.

Jumping into the high-end audio world can be daunting for those new to the field. Audio Basics aims to make the early part of that journey easier for beginning audiophiles.

Tom tells Lance about the steps you should take to be able to identify a good stereo system.

Finding a good stereo system is more than just going to the store or online and buying something. First, you have to train your ear to be able to know what you’re listening for.

Audio Basics is a weekly series that you can see on the hi-fi+ YouTube channel. If you’ve missed the first few episodes, learn more about what makes a great stereo.

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By Pete Collingwood-Trewin

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