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Revival Audio Atalante 3

Revival Audio Atalante 3: Dynamic, crisp, detailed

hi-fi+ Editor Alan Sircom reviews the Revival Audio Atalante 3.

magnepan ubs woofer

Magnepan UBS woofer review

Chief Content Officer Tom Martin reviews the Magnepan UBS woofer prototype

Closer Acoustics Ogy

Closer Acoustics Ogy: The Big Little Loudspeaker

Closer Acoustics Ogy is a big little loudspeaker whose sound imaging and design is likely to leave a smile on your face.

GoldenEar BRX bookshelf speaker

GoldenEar BRX: Best transparency at this price point?

Tom Martin reviews the GoldenEar BRX bookshelf speaker

apple airpods 2 pro review

Apple AirPods Pro 2: Suitable for high quality music?

Nextscreen, LLC CEO Tom Martin reviews the Apple AirPods Pro 2, the latest ear buds from the Cupertino company.

Magnepan LRS+

Is Magnepan LRS+ the most significant product of this decade?

Hear Tom Martin's thought as to why this could be one of the most significant products of the decade!


BACCH-SP review: What is a stereo purifier?

Andy Quint reviews the BACCH-SP adio stereo purifier from Theoretica Applied Physics.

Shunyata Research QR-s power cord

Shunyata Research Omega QR-s power cord and DF-SS cable elevators

Shunyata Research spent three years trying to make its Omega QR power cord better and the QR-s is the result. Add in the DF-SS cable elevators and you might just have power perfection.

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