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Guide Highlights include:

  • WHAT’S NEXT? – Previews of 23 new interconnects, 22 new digital & network cables, 20 new speaker cables, 11 new headphone & personal audio cables, 23 new power cables and 21 new audio power products.
  • MAKING AFFORDABLE CABLES GREAT AGAIN Hi-Fi+ talks with six leading designers who have turned the design of affordable cables into an art form: Paul Spelts (ANTICABLES), John McDonald (Audience), George Cardas (Cardas Audio), Ray Kimber (Kimber Kable), Joe Reynolds (Nordost) and Caelin Gabriel (Shunyata Research).
  • TWELVE CREATIVE AUDIO POWER BROKERS Hi-Fi+ interviews twelve of the best and brightest creators of high performance audio power products: Michael Borresen (Ansuz Acoustics), Garth Powell (AudioQuest), Mark Schifter (Core Power Technologies), Nic Poulson (Isol-8), Keith Martin (IsoTek ), Bjorn Bengtsson (Nordost), Paul McGowan (PS Audio), Mike Lester (Puritan), Wolfgang Meletzky (Stromtank), Ted Denney (Synergistic Research), Kevin Main (Torus Power) and Steve Elford (Vertex AQ).
  • AUDIO CABLE UPGRADES: WHAT DO THEY DO AND HOW MUCH DO THEY COST? Hi-Fi+ contributor Nicholas Ripley explores the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of audio cable upgrades, sharing thoughts on how to get the best results from your money.
  • AUDIO POWER SYSTEM UPGRADES – Some think audio power products are of little if any benefit, while others think they might offer the shortest paths to better sound. Hi-Fi+ contributor Nicholas Ripley investigates.
  • POWER AND SIGNAL CABLE UPGRADE STRATEGIES – Let’s say you’re interested in upgrading your audio system’s cables. Where should you begin and in what order should you proceed? Hi-Fi+ Editor Alan Sircom offers several strategies that can bring great results.
  • Hi-Fi+ AUDIO CABLE & POWER PRODUCT REVIEW INDEX(2012 – Present) – Featuring reviews of interconnects, digital cables, loudspeaker cables, headphone & personal audio cables, mains cables/power cords and audio power products.
  • ENCYCLOPAEDIACABLEXICON– The complicated ‘alphabet soup’ of audio cable and power product terminology made plain.

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