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Guide highlights include:

  • What’s Next? Cool new digital audio products from 54 manufacturers.
  • Hi-Fi+ Talks with Twelve Visionary Digital Audio Equipment Designers— Interviews with Scott Berry (Computer Audio Design), Carlos Candeias (B.M.C. Audio), Philippe Chambon (Nagra), Charles Hansen (Ayre Acoustics), Paul McGowan (PS Audio), Mike Moffat (Schiit Audio), David Steven (dCS), Robert ‘Bob’ Stuart (Meridian and MQA), Gilad Tiefenbrun (Linn Products), Xuanqian Wang (AURALiC), Robert Watts (Chord Electronics) and Trevor Wilson (Naim Audio).
  • Survey of Digital Audio Streaming & Download Services
  • Introduction to Streaming Digital Audio
  • Hi-Fi+ Digital Audio Review Index (issue 100 – Present)
  • Hi-Fi+ Editors’ Choice Awards— See our top picks for DACs; Disc Players & Portable Players; Preamp/DACS & Integrated Amp/DACs; Headphone Amp/DACs & Portable Players; plus Streamers, Servers, Tuners & Streaming Systems.
  • Encyclopedia Digitonia– The complicated ‘alphabet soup’ of digital audio acronyms and terminology made plain.

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