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Guide highlights include:

  • What’s Next? Cool new cables from over 40 manufacturers.
  • Hi-Fi+ Talks with Fourteen Visionary High-End Cable Manufacturers–Interviews with Bruce Brisson (MIT), George Cardas (Cardas Audio), Ted Denney (Synergistic Research), Nigel Finn (The Chord Company), Ray Kimber (Kimber Kable), Bill Low (AudioQuest), John McDonald (Audience), Touraj Moghaddam (Vertere Acoustics), Graham Nalty (Black Rhodium), Joe Reynolds (Nordost), David Salz (Wireworld), Joe Skubinski (JPS Labs) and Edwin & Gabi Rijnveld (Siltech and Crystal Cables).


Featured Articles.

  • Do Single-Brand Cable Looms Make Sense?
  • Right Cables in the Right Ways
  • Hi-Fi+ Cable Review Index (2012 – Present)
  • Hi-Fi+ Editors’ Choice— See our top picks for speaker cables, interconnects, digital cables and mains cables.
  • Encyclopedia Cablexicon– The complicated ‘alphabet soup’ of cable lingo and terminology made plain.

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