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Stack Audio launches a new audiophile USB music streamer

Stack Audio launches a new audiophile USB music streamer

The Stack Audio LINK is a new audiophile USB music player that adds streaming capability to existing 2 channel hi-fi systems. Stack Audio may be a new name to many. It is a British hi-fi company that is focused on source components of both analogue and digital varieties. Stack Audio has been researching and developing its streamer platform for five years and passionately believes that a pure source signal is paramount for enjoyable music reproduction, whether analogue or digital. 

This philosophy is at the heart of the new LINK music streamer. Stack Audio recognises that flexibility and ease of use are equally important when it comes to digital sources. The LINK will easily drop into UPnP, DLNA, Open Home and Roon based management and control systems, and supports wider industry systems like Apple devices through Shairport-sync andSpotify Connect.  Connection to sources can be via ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB and the LINK can manage bit-perfect ripping of CDs when connected to a CD drive. Indeed, the LINK is so called because it seamlessly links all sources of digital music files to any hi-fi system with a USB equipped DAC, but just what makes the LINK audiophile?

Stack Audio has credentials. It has built up an enthusiastic customer base for its range of SERENE upgrades for the Linn LP12 which are designed to remove unwanted noise, resonances and interference from the phono signal. As the many customer testimonials for SERENE demonstrate, music sounds more real and immersive when it comes from a pure, clean audio signal.


This is as true with digital audio as it is with analogue. The LINK has been built from the ground up to counter noise and interference. In particular, Stack Audio has spent the last five years investigating the effects of phase noise, working with legendary engineer John Westlake who has extensively researched phase noise and its effects on timing accuracy. 

At the core of the detox system is an ultra-low phase noise USB audio clock circuit. The ethernet input is synchronised to the audio clock toreduce the small variations in the timing of the digital signals.A dedicated USB audio output buffers the signal to purify it and EMI filter circuitry removes remaining interference.

The LINK is powered by an extremely low noise, multi-stage power circuit. Three independent switching regulators are synchronized to the audio clock ensuring that the fluctuations of the switching circuit are in time with the clock, reducing fluctuations and noise. The LINK’s bank of 9 low ESR capacitors and a triple linear regulated circuit further help to ensure the power source is clean.

The LINK’s sensitive electronics are protected in a high-mass case machined from solid aluminium. It features EMI shielding and is designed to absorb physical vibration. The LINK is finished in anodised black or silver because Stack Audio loves hi-fi and believes it should look as good as it sounds.


Convenience and flexible user control are essential requirements for a refined music streamer. Stack Audio has partnered music streaming specialists Volumio for the custom software built into the Link. It is powerful, flexible and intuitive, enabling the LINK to be operated in multiple ways:   

·      Audiophile USB connection for a PC or laptop

·      Qobuz, Tidal amd Spotify streaming 

·      UPnP and OpenHome endpoint

·      Shairport-sync (Apple Devices)

·      Roon endpoint (in progress)

·      CD ripping manager 

·      Bit perfect playback ensures MQA playback (where DAC supports MQA unfolding)

The LINK is manufactured in the UK sharing production facilities with products for aerospace, medical and military applications.  It is available to pre-order now in silver or black on the Stack Audio website for £695 with a re-fundable £25 deposit. 

Review requests and questions should be forwarded to Theo Stack at:

[email protected]

+44 (0)7710235333

Full details and specifications can be found at:

The image library is available here:[email protected]/

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