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SCV Named Empire Ears UK Distributor

SCV Named Empire Ears UK Distributor

Today SCV are thrilled to announce distribution of Empire Ears in ear monitors for the UK and Ireland.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Empire Ears are a globally renowned manufacturer of high-end universal and custom in-ear monitors for audiophiles, musicians and audio engineers.

The Empire Ears Mission

Based in Atlanta, Georgia and family owned, Empire Ears boast over 3 decades of acoustic engineering experience from sectors as diverse as HiFi, professional recording and even medical.

As a company of driven – in their own words ‘utterly consumed’ – creative designers, the Empire Ears mission is to create the world’s finest in-ear monitors through immersive sound signatures, extraordinary design and unrivalled build quality.

Each IEM product is designed in-house and handcrafted in the USA by Empire Ears’ audio artisans before going through a rigorous testing process, resulting in a flawless product that both designers and consumers alike can get excited about.


Unique & Groundbreaking Design

True to the audiophile high standards that Empire Ears embodues, the components that makes up each IEM are firmly on the cutting edge of listening technology.

Among a number of proprietary component designs utilised across the Empire Ears product range are Weapon IX, a 9mm dynamic driver subwoofer system capable of bringing tonal impact as well as full and rich quality to general listening; ARC, a unique anti-resonance compound that absorbs in-shell IEM resonance to reduce ear fatigue; and synX, a crossover network which delineates signals intelligently into multiple bands to isolate frequency ranges and deliver a pure, uncoloured soundstage emulating the effect of sitting at the mixing board at the music’s conception.

To ensure a true luxury audio experience, build quality also ranks as a high priority for Empire Ears’ development process. Be it silver-plated copper cabling, jewel tone custom design shells or exotic burl wood face plates, every single piece of the IEM puzzle – both inside and out – is meticulously crafted to effortlessly align with the human ear and deliver the highest level of musical enjoyment possible.


Presenting The IEM Empire

The Empire Ears range currently consists of four unique models available in universal in-ear fit, or in a custom fitting available by special request…


Empire’s flagship tribrid model, powered by an impressive eleven inpidual drivers including two Weapon IX subwoofers.  

Legend X

A hybrid design harnessing the power of balanced armature speakers combined with W9 subs and supported by synX crossover network.


A quad configuration driver assembly supported by synX and ARC, finished with dazzling titanium blizzard faceplates.


Empire Ears’ valiant offering for the world’s highest performing dual driver IEM featuring a W9 sub along with Knowles & Sonion balanced armature speakers.


The world’s very first Quad Electrostatic IEM, featuring four electrostatic drivers along with seven balanced armatures organised by Empire Ears’ unique EIVEC electrostatic control technology.

Each of the 5 models mentioned is due to land in the UK from early September 2020.

For further information on Empire Ears including product specifications, pricing, availability or becoming a UK dealer, reach out to our consumer audio sales department.

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Press Contact – Matt Esau – 03301 222500 – [email protected]

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